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DIY Skeeter Stick

We live in a fairly dry part of the country compared to most. So dry that when driving through the country you will see irrigation sprinklers everywhere. Dry conditions can make gardening difficult. However, the upside is we have little mosquito problems. Which is great; Our whole family reacts to mosquito bites about as bad as one possibly could. The area around a bite will swell up from quarter to golf ball size, and stay red for days! However this year and last year we have had more rainfall than anything in the last decade! Which is great and I am very thankful for. The downside? My kids are running around looking like the day after a paintball battle without wearing any gear! I don’t know a soul who enjoys the torment of mosquito bites, that is where a DIY mosquito bite relief come in handy!

diy mosquito bite rescue

Mosquitos really are no one’s favorite, and they are the pits at any BBQ! Certain places like Florida Georgia and Alabama mosquitoes can be outright brutal! Heck in Mississippi some claim the mosquito is the state bird! There is still some speculation as to why some people suffer more than others, and of course, science doesn’t know everything but here is a short rundown of what science does know.

According to Dr. Mercola

  • Female mosquitoes feed on human blood, not for their own nutritional purposes but in order to produce their eggs
  • The mosquito has a mouthpart called a proboscis, which is like a hypodermic needle.
  • She uses the proboscis to pierce your skin and probe around until she finds a capillary to suck the blood from
  • While biting, mosquitoes inject saliva into your body to stop your blood from coagulating; this is the point at which she can transmit diseases directly into your bloodstream

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We avoid DEET at all costs, due to the fact it is highly toxic to brain cell tissue and is much more harmful to children than adults. However, there are many natural mosquito repellents and ones made from lemon eucalyptus work wonderfully! But we both know kids are still going to get some bites!

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent Pump, 1 unit, 4-oz

So whats a mosquito sensitive natural family to do? Well, luckily there are plenty of plants that pack a powerful punch at healing a mosquito bite while removing the itch. Best of all its an easy little DIY to mix up, easy enough to make one for a purse, car and one for a medicine cabinet.

What you need

  • Clove- Antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic antihistamine and a counter-irritant. Clove has many other amazing actions to it as well.
  • Frankincense- Anti-inflammatory, astringent, aids in healing the bite faster
  • Lavender- calming to the skin, great for bites burns and irritations. Or even to keep bugs away in the first place!
  • roll-on bottle
  • carrier oil

DIY Skeeter Stick

How to make

Take a roll-on bottle we use 1/3 oz glass roll-on bottle.

25-30 drops of clove

10-15 drops Frankincense

5-10 drops of Lavender

Fill the rest of the way with a favorite carrier oil. Olive oil is an easy go to but also grapeseed, avocado, apricot seed, or sweet almond oil make great carrier oils as well. Better yet fill it with a calendula infused oil, and get the healing even faster! Put the ball back in, lid on and shake. Use at the first notice of a mosquito bite, or other bug bites to help heal the site, and stop any infection.

Summer is here, and we all love that. All the fun outdoor things there are to do, water parks, hiking, camping, gardening and whatever other activities your family loves. With all those fun outdoor activities one thing is guaranteed you will invite an unwanted guest a time or two. With this easy DIY, you can get the pesky mosquito bite itch gone and begin the healing process and stop any infection on the spot, and then get back to the business of summer ♡♡♡

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