a couple of years ago

What’s the down side?

We started as urban homesteaders, well not real urban, but small town for sure. Either way we didn’t have a place in the country and city regulations held us back from doing a whole lot of what we wanted. But we dreamed of better days. Days of enough garden space to grow all the fruits veggies and herbs one could ever want ( trust me I want a lot 💕 I got plans man!) So last fall that dream came true! Made it to a spread in the country! But this city girl is learning there is a down side.

What’s the downside you say?

We have been blessed with tons of rain, and the garden loves it, and seriously I am grateful for it, but…. The rain invited the mosquitos, and right now they are the reigning champ around these parts. I mean not a bite or two, Its more like 20 in the two minutes it takes to run to the mailbox and back. What’s a person to do? The struggle is real 😩  When I head outdoors to do garden work I am wearing a full bug suit! Seriously it ain’t cute. I am learning just about every town sprays for bugs that’s why enjoying yourself in your back yard or at the park does not feel like you have gone to full-scale war with insects.

Ok so bugs aside… What else could be worse than expected???

How about hungry Mother Nature!!

Like everything wants to eat something we are working hard to produce! So in urban homesteading your backyard chickens are fairly safe. The only real threat is other people’s pets getting into your fence and wanting to eat them. In the country coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks, hawks, owls, seems like the list is endless!!

Or in your garden. Rabbits and deer can do damage quicker than you can imagine! Not to mention bugs (but hey even they will find you in the city)

Then there are the weeds. I mean those things can take over anything, like my poor kids sand box, which is nearly hiding chickens in the weeds that pop up over night😮 not to mention weed pulling productivity is way down due to PTSD from my bug wars, you know 17,000 bites will do that to a person (I kid, more like 16,000 in reality😒)

So there is a steep learning curve, urban homestead to country…. Well We are learning,  and with a resolve to be chemical free well that makes things harder, but I tell myself it will be worth the effort! And even though bugs, weeds and wildlife may be winning the battle they will not win the war!

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