Easy upcycling

We strive to be well… How do I say green, but not green in the tree-hugger kind of way. Green in the way that is best for the earth, leaving beauty left to the next generation. Caring for this world in a way that our creator would want us to. So yes I love having happy free to roam chickens, and saving things reusing the old, upcycling, finding  farms with old world charm and making it home. I mean is there anything better than a vintage, shabby chic, country, aged wood, life lived kind of item? If that’s an old barn, house, rocking chair or dresser repurposed!

Upcycling again

So we are at it again. We often have these old pieces of furniture, sometimes they get painted and new life. Sometimes they get repurposed and a new and different life all together!


This is one of those items, an old dresser. Not overly cute or antique looking. But still made of solid wood. So as we do around here to not waste, we turn on the creative thinking. With moving out to the country and adding about 40 more chickens we are going to need more nesting boxes.

With removing a few drawer support bars and adding a board for the bottom of the best box, this was a super simple DIY nesting box!


The chicken with the most seniority, (this girls name is Zebra) is checking it out and, I think she gives it the Okay.

Super simple DIY upcycling. Not difficult to find ways to reuse something we no longer need or use into something we can use! Share your DIY upcycled projects, we would love to repost some great upcycled projects♡♡♡

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