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Essential Oils the Homesteaders Best Friend

Yeah, you read that right, essential oils are the homesteaders best friend. Before you accuse me of having lost my mind hear me out. It is true, essential oils on the homestead are, well, essential. I am not here to convince you to buy this brand or that brand, but simply to show you how essential oils can save a homesteader a boatload of money, as well as stress.

Essential oils on the homestead are essential!

Let me first explain I am not “with” any essential oil company, and I don’t care which one you buy. I will tell you I don’t buy any of the MLM type essential oils, they are far too expensive, and that is because there is a bunch of middlemen involved who all get a cut. What I will say is that there are tons of great essential oil companies out there, and anyone who says different, has a vested interest to say that (that means its all marketing $$).

1 Save you money

Homesteaders often need to conserve funds. It’s easy to see why with a herd of goats, a gaggle of geese, a flock of chickens there is a lot of needed supplies. That is where essential oils on the homestead are amazing! Ever had to take an animal to the vet and drop hundreds of dollars on an infection, a sickness or otherwise you couldn’t quite figure out? Yep, I know, that’s normal right? What if next time you took a few drops out of a $10 bottle and a few drops of olive oil and fixed that problem right up? How much would you save then? A ton right?

2 Safe and effective

Essential oils unlike veterinarian medicines, or chemicals don’t need a ton of knowledge about how it all works. They are generally (or almost always) much safer than chemicals or medications. On a homestead, you often find you are caretaker, doctor, parent all wrapped into one and you need what you spend your time doing stuff that works but is also safe.

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3 Versatile 

One tool for many jobs. Using essential oils on the homestead you know you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. One type of essential oil, say lavender can be used in many ways like healing bug bites, curing an ailing duck, helping to relieve ear infection pain your little one. You can’t say that for anything else. Most products are intended for one purpose. On the homestead however you need one product to perform many tasks, that’s a given in a homestead life.

essential oils on the homestead

4 Easy to find

Essential oils are easy to find, and even at a good price. Check out Amazon, many can be found on subscribe and save to save you even more. As a homesteader, there is a never a shortage of odd problems, a duck who is limping badly, a goat with a cyst, the guard dog with an infection starting, the kids who pestered the wasp nest… When you know that one of your handy essential oils have the perfect answer you are looking for, for whatever today’s problem of the day brings you, and you don’t have to drive all over creation to find the right “thing”. Homestead life keep you busy you need solutions to be easy to find, and easy to use!

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5 Simple to use

As much as you don’t have time to hunt down the stuff, you don’t want to have to be a rocket scientist to use it. If you have to take the body weight of the animal and divide that out by how much water it will drink in a day, plus or minus for physical activity… fuhgeddaboudit! No with essential oils, you don’t need all that stress. If you have a dairy goat who has mastitis and clogged milk ducts, of course, you don’t want to put her on an antibiotic, instead, you take a few drops of tea tree oil and a few drops of olive oil or better yet an herb-infused carrier oil rub that onto her udders and voila, problems solved. Few days of that and no more mastitis, no vet bill, no trip anywhere, no antibiotics but most importantly NO STRESS.

Tips for using essential oils on the homestead

If ever you need a resource on what oils to use for what, I have found this guide to be helpful for both humans and animals. Need to know what to use for a bite, a wound, an infection, this book is an amazing tool for how to use essential oils on the homestead.

3rd Edition – Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails: A definitive Guide to Essential Oils That Could Save Your Life During a Crisis


5 Reasons essential oils on the homestead are essential!

Even though modern homesteading is slightly different today than it was when that word was first used, it is still about grit, hard work, and ingenuity. A homesteaders time and resources are precious. That is why essential oils on the homestead are such an amazing thing we have at our disposal nowadays. You need what you do to be simple and effective while not breaking the bank! Essential oils are those multitasking items that can make your homestead run smoothly, all while saving you both money and stress. Letting you get back to doing what you love, and isn’t that what it’s all about? ♡♡♡

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