The Fall Garden | 5 easy to grow veggies to plant right now

Fall brings to mind sweater weather, hot tea and pumpkin everything. What fall doesn’t bring to mind is garden fresh veggies, that belongs to summer right? With the kids back to school, the pools shutting down and the air starting to turn, that’s when we set aside the garden tools and let the garden foods fade away. Do we have to? Heck no! Start a fall garden.

Fall garden

In fact some fall veggies can be the easiest ever to grow. I admit I love the summer garden food (fruits especially) just as much as the next.  But hey, fall veggies take a close second. With this list being the easiest plants to grow why not? Everyone needs a little garden plot full of some delicious fall veggies!

1. Carrots

Carrots are for sure just about, one of, if not the easiest thing to grow. With some healthy soil and an area that not already bug infested, carrots do wonderful. Really an easy one to grow really almost all year around, they can really take some cold temperatures. All you need to do is plant them (maybe thin some out after a few weeks), water them and forget them. Carrots are super versatile in all sorts of healthy dishes. Given they are also the easiest thing to grow, that means easy and healthy organic veggies!

2. Beets

For starters beets are amazingly healthy, and something your body will thank you for adding to your diet. Trust me once you find recipes you love beets in and see how super easy they are to grow, you will be an avid beet gardener too. Like carrots beets don’t need much attention, plant them, water them, and let them go. The tops are great in salads and beets are great in all sorts of ways, pickled, fermented in salads and a lot more!

3. Kale

Kales popularity has exploded in the past few years, and rightly so. It’s delicious it’s super healthy and it can be used in a ton of ways. It’s wonderful in everything from salad to kale chips. I have always found wonderful success at growing kale in a mixed gardens (like this one). Kale loves the cooler weather that arrives with fall, but it can even withstand some pretty darn cold temperatures as well. This might just be my opinion but kale is one of the easiest plants of the brassica family (broccoli, cabbage etc) to grow. If you can plant, water , pick and eat than you got a successful crop.

4. Leeks

Out of the onion family leeks are the faster growing cousin and they also do wonderful in the chilly weather as fall approaches. Wonderful in soups or fermented, great for the immune system and easy to grow, could it get any better? Plant, water (maybe thin them out) harvest and enjoy.

5. Peas

so what goes together with carrots? Well as Forrest Gump put it goes together like PEAS & CARROTS. So lucky for us since they go together so well, peas also happen to be easy to grow and a nutrient booster to your soil, (bonus)! Makes other things grow also. Peas being awesome in soups and salads and having a good amount of protein, that’s plant power my friends. Plant (give them something to grow up), water, watch them do their thing, it just that easy! Little side note here, just avoid putting your peas right next to your leeks (they aren’t the best of friends) so just give those two space away from each other, and all is well.

Fall garden veggies

Heading into fall means many farmers markets and places where we can get fresh veggies start shutting down. Luckily that doesn’t have to be the end of garden fresh veggies. No way! Garden your way well into fall, and maybe into winter depending on your climate and where you live. Heck if you have a cold-frame or greenhouse at your disposal, even better. With this list of super easy-to-grow veggies even the most beginning level person can grow a successful fall garden. Eat fresh, stay healthy and hey you can’t eat any more locally than your own garden! With the power of simplicity at your back you can now garden on my friends, garden on ♡♡♡

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