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February Round-Up

As with all things in life we can tend to get ahead of ourselves. Do you ever find you think you should be somewhere further than you are? Not appreciating how far you have come? We  want to have lost more weight, got healthier, made more money, saved more money, paid off more debt etc. Really in life there is always going to be road blocks or at least we have our fair share, this is what goes through my head……

  • there is always more needs to be done
  • not enough time
  • not enough energy
  • not enough funds/ resources

Maybe those time are blessing too, maybe that’s when you rest more.

However,when we can look back and see what we have accomplished, it is easier to not look forward at what we haven’t yet done, but rather be grateful what has been accomplished. So to share our February with you and what we have accomplished as we move forward on this homesteading journey


We added 9 birds ( we call these the toddlers) to the flock. Ok so they were added in January but they are finally out in the bard and not in my house! Little victories Right.

image image

6 More Chicks (we call these the babies) Hatched in February, but also weather warm enough they are out in the Barn! That brings our total flock to 17 with our two remaining hens.

img_1011 img_1060

Started on the greenhouse got 10 of the foundation posts put in.  Adding extended side walls to the rounded top. Yay for more height right? So looking forward to fresh greens again next winter!


Started tree trimming on the much neglected trees around here! Great news there are a ton of cedar, love, love that! Feel so blessed with all the natural resources to add into our Upcycled Life. These beautiful trees get trimmed (which helps the tree) and the trimmed limbs get turned into fresh mulch which helps the garden and soil, oh and helps conserve water in the dry Kansas wind.


We have started laying our first full on ‘Back to Eden’ style Garden, not sure what that is check this out Here.  Of course we have a long way to go to get it all covered in Mulch. We are excited to have this space! Can’t wait to show you a garden in full bloom! Also to show what wood chip gardening can do even in a dry climate, where few trees grow, using our resources ALL of them.


With all this warm weather I get so excited to start planting. So we planted some seedlings inside, Maybe I jumped the gun I know, sigh, I know. I just cant help myself when the weather warms I just start planting!


Done some awesome Homeschooling field trips (minus the evolutionary bologna, millions and billions of year blah blah blah) museums cant be great!


And we had a Birthday! Big man is 9! I mean 9, where did those years go. Man time flies when your children are growing up! I wish I could slow it down. I guess that is why we are trying to slow things down, cause one day they will be grown. I for one want to say I was there and present for those few short years. (Tearing up as I write that) it’s okay right, you parents understand!

So all that to say

I am forever thankful with were we have been, what we have come through. Also so excited to see where this family will go next. However in this moment I am trying to do my best at loving this moment being happy and content, loving the accomplishments and taking life one day at a time. Living life our upcycled way, getting back to nature where we were created to be, with family at the center and unimportant things elsewhere ♡♡♡

It was a great February, looking forward to March!

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From our family to yours, thanks for stopping by

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