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Forget regular ol’ school, try Roadschooling instead

I know I have done several posts about the different ways people are educating their children nowadays. I also share a lot about how we homeschool or favorite tricks to Keeping homeschoolers busy but that doesn’t show you other ways that people are schooling their children. So I am so excited to introduce you to the Coopers and their roadschooling journey.

A little history…

So let me give you the backstory I know the Coopers from the military we were all cross-leveled (put into the same unit for deployment). We were all in the Army Reserve and spent more than a year deployed to Iraq as 88M or transportation ( that’s Army talk for truck drivers). I have so many memories of the Coopers and the many hilarious moments we shared as young lower enlisted without too many cares in the world. The Coopers met in the Army and eventually got married and had kids. So with their background as truck drivers, they are no strangers to life on the road, and all the adventures that brings.

Meet the Coopers

The Coopers a family of 5 plus a new puppy, travel the U.S. living in an RV full-time. Kyle & Michelle, Layla (8), Kylan (5) and Cas (2) and Charlotte the golden retriever pup! In just the last few months they have traveled a lot of southern states, perfect for Winter time! Christmas in Disney World, New Years in the Florida Keys, Georgia, Louisiana and Big Bend National Park in Texas.

Meet the coopers

Follow their journey on Instagram the SUPER-COOPERS

Prior to traveling they were very established in their home and life, but a knee injury put Kyle in a position he could not return to his job in law enforcement. With that Kyle had the idea to sell their home buy an RV and travel, to which Michelle admits she thought he was crazy. However, within a few days, she was on board. She had seen their lives get more hectic with schedules, careers, school, hobbies, and life. She could see it would be a good thing for their young family, spend more time together and live an adventure.

Meet the coopers

When they first decided on this path they were met with extreme reactions from friends and family. Some were super excited for them others less so and were more disapproving. They knew it was something they wanted to try, and what better time than now. They sold cars, had an epic garage sale, and put their house on the market. They say they did have snags on timing trying to buy a truck and trailer while their house was selling and even more until closing. Michele says “I was full of worries! I try to put my worries and anxiety on God so I can be free in each moment to live with peace and grace for myself and for others, to be present and experience life’s moments”.

They enjoy teaching their kids with a curriculum, field trips, and real-world situations. They teach by doing and showing, and what an amazing way to learn!

Meet the coopers

Meet the coopers

Meet the coopers

They say that life or their adventures on the road has not been without road-bumps. The Coopers never imagined that teaching your own kids might be a struggle. Michelle, who was already a preschool teacher, has learned to teach your children, outside of the classroom has proven more difficult than expected. Or that learning to live on the road full-time instead of in a 3000 square foot house would be such an adjustment.

They say that they love the adventure, the food, and culture that comes with each new place. They love the time together and the freedom to learn what they want, where they want, at a pace that works for them. Kyle and Michelle say they enjoy the freedom of not having a schedule or standards set by someone else. Watching their kids, grow and learn has been a gift.

The Coopers also say there is nothing like the road to make you also miss a home. They have loved their journey thus far but they also know they will settle down again, one day. They see that they miss a home, garden, and community that they can call their own.

Something to take away

Kyle and Michelle’s advice for those who may be considering an RV life of their own. Do your research and know the ins and outs of your RV/ trailer, and be safe. If full-time RV living and/or roadschooling is something you are considering TO GO FOR IT!!

Even though the Coopers say they are not ones to give advice, they had great advice. They say that “they believe the greatness, the gold, is in the figuring out. The destination Is the journey”. They say they have learned to give up the need to “look good” and did something for them and their family. That people will think all kinds of things about you, but that is really none of your concern. For them, they answer only to God.

You can follow them and their amazing journey on Instagram.

I have loved bringing you this amazing story, a story of family, faith, freedom, and adventure. Michelle and Kyle are personal friends and fellow veterans, and I am so grateful they let me share their wonderful, adventurous, roadschooling  story with you♡♡♡

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