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When I first started this post I was thinking about doing my top favorite essential oils for around the home. However many essential oils are so amazing and deserve an in dept look at each. Frankincense essential oil is amazing.  Let me share the many, many reasons why you need this amazing oil in your life!

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Frankincense essential oil

This is probably one of my top favorite essential oils  because it does so much. I talked about this as one of 10 oils to cure all your ails. Healing is the name of the game here. There is a reason that the stories of old regard this as a gift that was considered highly precious. This comes from a gum or resin obtained from the small tree or shrub native to the red sea region. Frankincense dates back to ancient times and is gentile, non-toxic, non-sensitizing and can be used during pregnancy and on children and infants as well as adults.

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The actions of this essential oil are

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiseptic (destroys & prevents developement of microbes)
  • astringent
  • carminative (settles digestive system)
  • cicatrisant (promotes healing by formation of scar tissue)
  • cytophylactic (increases activity of leucocytes in defense of the body against infection)
  • digestive
  • diuretic (aids, promotes or increases flow of urine)
  • emmenagogue (induces or assists menstruation)
  • expectorant (promotes removal of mucus from respiratory system)
  • sedative
  • tonic (strengthens whole or specific parts of the body)
  • uterine (pertaining to the uterus)
  • vulnerary (helps heal wounds and sores by external application)

Frankincense essential oil is often used for the skin, the respiratory system, the reproductive system, the immune system and the nervous system. And is considered gentle, and in many cases can be ingested in small quantities to aid healing to certain systems.

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Ways I love to use this amazing essential oil everyday

  • Make your own anti aging facial oil
  • Pregnancy belly butters
  • Baby moisturizing body oil
  • Eczema healing cream
  • Direct application with carrier oil dilution to specific body areas. Ex: over ovaries/uterus area for female problems, over adrenal glands for adrenal fatigue/ thyroid area for specific problems or problems pertaining to endocrine system.
  • home-made healing salve

Frankincense is so versatile and amazing, it can find a use in every-home and replace store-bought chemical packed products for a much better healthier result. I don’t represent and one specific brand, just 100% pure therapeutic grade is what I recommend. Many companies offer that, also many claim they are the only ones who do. Shop around Amazon has many great ones to offer at a very competitive price.

I plan to be making some home-made recipes for baby oil, healing salve, diaper rash cream and facial oil soon. So check back for those recipes ♡♡♡

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