Free to be you

Free to be unique

As we celebrate another 4th of July, America’s Independence Day we are reminded of freedom. Freedom, for us, as a family of military veterans, we do not take for granted. Having seen what true oppression, looks like, and I promise you once you see that you can never forget. I will also forever grateful that I was blessed to be born in the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Because America, with our history, triumphs, tragedies, beliefs and adversities, is truly unique amongst have the world today. America is unique, America is, can we say, different. Being unique and different is something to be proud of, not ashamed of. 

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As much as we are and will always be unapologetically patriotic, we are also proudly different on the family front. All to often people, no one important really, try to make knocks at our family choices. “Why do we homeschool?” (Roll of the eyes), “you now have FIVE kids?” (Turn up the nose), “how do you make that all work?” (asked mostly to be nosey), “oh your healthy people huh?” (said from a person who is on 5 medications just to live normally). 

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Well I guess those tactics would work, with someone who was ashamed to be different. I am not.  If you remember back to OK, So break the rules, different is not something I am afraid of. Different is what is the backbone of America. Strong and defiant is what fueled the workforce full of women during WWII, Rosie the Riveter comes to my mind. Not the easy way, not the normal way (for the time) it was the better thing. So then if hard work and being different is part of what made America great why change that mentality? 

Free to be unique

In moments like these I am reminded of a negative statement I have heard all to much in my life. “Work is a 4 letter word” this was meant to put down hard work and striving for ones best. However I think it’s a killer of character and exceptionalism. Hard work whether it be raising a family, being an active parent or committing to be green, raise your own food, educate your own kids, live debt free (or insert anything else out of the “norm”) is worth the effort. 

If we have just one life to live on this planet, why not give it our best shot? Why give into life down easy street? Why not go to sleep every night feeling like you gave it 100% instead of feeling like you were on cruise control?

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. -Philip Stanhope 

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I truly love this statement, and to me it’s a motto to live by. We may not be the worlds best parents, but I won’t be knocked off course by some little minded people who think we are to “excessive”. Maybe we are also not the healthiest people but we strive daily to live healthy and create a healthy environment for the world around us. And maybe some people are annoyed by that, but that won’t change our aim. 

Free to be you

After all this is America. The land of the free. And in an age when it’s far more popular to take the easy route, we are still free people. Free to take the road less traveled. That road leads to a different life. And in fact it is the “different” life that we seek. A life of unique, a life of exceptionalism. A life of striving for the best, even if it means working harder. A life that is American ♡♡♡

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