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Not yet a greenhouse

Greenhouse….in the making

It has been quite some time since I have done any real post about our greenhouse, or greenhouse growing.  Here is a throwback to the beginning of this blog here, and we had a cozy little urban DIY built greenhouse. But that post was nearly two years ago, and it has been almost one year since we moved and tore down that cozy little winter oasis. Oh I miss it. And I promise a big reveal when we get the new and improved DIY greenhouse finally finished.

But really guys I can’t wait. I love, love, love a greenhouse, especially in the winter. We live in Kansas which is almost always windy (and I know there are a ton of jokes for that). But wind mixed with cold, cuts right to the bone! But not inside a greenhouse. It could be freezing and blowin’ like the dicken’s outside, but mid day step inside that greenhouse the warmth and the humidity just warms your soul. I am smiling just thinking about it. My little winter oasis, my place of zen. My fresh herb, salad producing factory. If you can’t tell a greenhouse makes this newly country girl smile.

Greenhouse making

We do have most of this DIY build up, and as I have said like a bazillion times lately (and I’m sure your tired of hearing it) but… I’ll say it again. Time is short around here. Check out my post here. With the hubs out of town and off to some military training, necessary but untimely, the greenhouse is currently unfinished. Cross my fingers that we get no freezes till he can return to finish the job, toward the end of the month.

Greenhouse growing

Til then I am willing my little raised bed fall plants to grow, grow, grow. And dreaming of warm humid afternoons in my new and expanded DIY built greenhouse ♡♡♡

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