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Happy 2017 and a big announcement….

Ringing in a New Year, once again. Every year we look at things with new eyes, set new goals. What will this 2017 new year bring for you?

We envision 2017 being another big year for us. We have a lot ahead of us and even some pretty lofty goals. With homesteading it is truly about providing more of your own and relying less on others, this is one I talked a lot about in this post, check that out here. So that may be growing more of your own food, for both humans and animals alike. That may also be narrowing bills down to spend less on those things.


Big 2017 homestead goals

  • provide half of all of our produce
  • provide some of our own dairy (this will be our first year we won’t know what to guess there)
  • produce 1/3 of our own meat
  • cut our gas consumption (propane) down by 90% by adding wood burning furnace
  • start to provide a small but regular income from homesteading products
  • grow fodder to replace some of the animal feed
  • start a worm farm to replace some chicken feed
  • grow livestock herd to more variety (maybe sheep, maybe cattle)


Homestead goals

So with all that you can see it would appear we have a lot of goals ahead of us, and as with many goals we will hit some we may miss some and that’s fine. That is kinda the mark we are shooting at right now.

Family and big announcement…..

But we also have a family aspect to this all. We will continue homeschooling, and helping the kids learn about the world around them with a hands on environment.

But we also will be growing or expanding on that horizon this year as well…..

Yes, that’s what I am saying in 2017 we will be growing our tribe, we are expecting kiddie number 5!!!

Now I am well aware we might be slightly outside the norm, but as a throwback to last year when we posted on that check that out here. So it’s needs not even be said but norm is no where on our radar, and that’s alright by us.

Pregnancy announcement

So growth is the name of the game around the homestead for us this year. And even though winter is here now, growing season, baby season (goat first) and so much will be here before we know it. I am sure that 2017 which move much like 2016, by that I mean fast!

I am excited for what this year will bring, what new will come our way! And that is really my favorite way to look at a new year with excitement and anticipation, keeps us excited and having fun. Life is really to short to live any other way.

Oh the places you’ll go, Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get oh your way! –Dr. Seuss

So with 2017 officially rung in, the goal setting, planning and action time comes. I absolutely sure 2017 will be amazing, there will be journeys, adventure, excitement, learning, growing, new things, old things, great things…. I hope this new year has given all of you a sense of excitement and anticipation. New mountains to climb, personal conquests and much more ♡♡♡

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