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DIY herb-infused all purpose healing salve

All-purpose healing salve

Herbs, I love them, it’s no secret.  Just thinking of herbs brings to mind a gorgeous little apothecary. Complete with herbs drying and mysterious jars filled with healing potions. If you happen to follow us on Pinterest I have a whole boards to my love of all things apothecary (really if you got a minute you should go check it out). So when it comes to a healing salve what could be better than a herb-infused healing salve? I am sure this doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it anyway. I am a huge believer in the power of nature. Natural things often are far superior to their synthetic counterpart. This is especially true in natural medicine. Herbs are little miracles, little gifts from above. Many with amazing healing properties. So I for one like to harness the power of those amazing plants, and put it to good use.

Healing salve

In a house with 4 kids from ages 1-9 it goes without saying that injuries happen. Almost daily I have a kid running inside with a tear-streaked face, crying. Whether falling and scraping and arm while tree climbing or riding a bike and falling, or lord knows a hurt foot cause we never wear shoes! So with a big drawer full of band-aids and some mom made “super-hero cream” (that’s what we call it, and it works, the name alone-instant pain relief), I mend the injury and they return to childhood wildness.

So my “super hero cream” has evolved over the years from a squeeze of neosporin, to homegrown herbal infusion of homemade salves. I love, making this salve for one it is super easy, it may sound daunting at first but after your first go it’s no big deal. Secondly I think it works about 10 times better than a store-bought tube full of questionable ingredients. Wounds heal fast, and I know what’s in it (cause I put it there!) What’s better than peace of mind.

What’s in it

  • calendula infused olive oil- (on how to make this check here) . This is a wonderful plant, both for it’s amazing healing properties and for its companion planting strengths. Calendula is both antiseptic and anti inflammatory. Secondly olive oil is a great oil for the body it is very moisturizing and it packed full of good fats, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins that are particularly good for the skin, and is even safe for sensitive skin and is helpful at soothing and healing eczema and psoriasis.
  • comfrey infused coconut oil- comfrey another amazing herb, also for many reasons. One of those is the fact comfrey has been used for centuries and is known for actually healing broken bones faster. This is due to its ability to speed cell production. Also the coconut oil is another amazing oil, with no short list of qualities. And is praised from everything’s from hair and skin benefits to internal healing.
  • Shea butter- moisturizing and a skin protectant, full of helpful nutrients.
  • coconut butter ( I use both butters for added benefit, however if you only have one just use one, it will still be amazing).
  • beeswax- skin protectant, moisturizing and thickens.
  • teatree EO- keeps funky stuff at bay like infections.
  • Anti-aging blend (this might sound crazy but these blends of oils are perfect for healing and repairing)
  • vitamin E oil- natural preservative

Healing salve

How to make

ok lets whip this together shall we?

1/4 C. calendula infused olive oil (again if you need the how-to on that check here)

1/4 C. comfrey infused coconut oil (making it is much like the calendula, but if you don’t have this just use plain ol’ coconut oil, I don’t use fractionated I want it to harden some and be more salve like not a liquid)

1 Tbsp. shea butter

1 Tbsp. cocoa butter ( mine are in small wafers I use 8-10)

1 Tbsp beeswax

15 drops tea tree EO

20 drops anti-aging blend

1/8 tsp. vitamin E oil (optional, but helps extend the shelf life)

Combine the olive oil and the coconut oil, along with the butters and beeswax in either a double boiler or I use a glass bowl, and slowly heat on the stove. When all your items have melted together remove from the heat. Add vitamin E oil and essential oils. Remember to pour into your container while it’s warm, it will harden but should stay at a salve like consistancy. If you want it harder simply add a little more beeswax or less for a smoother texture.

Healing salve

This salve is great for diaper rash cream, cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, jammed or sprained joints and even surgery scars (I have personally used it on healing my C-section incision wounds). This stuff is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, soothing, pain relieving, speeds healing, reduces scarring and is ALL NATURAL!! And if you find yourself making this it is also made by you! and that makes it better than any ol’ tube of store bought mystery stuff.

Links below

this is what we use or links on where to get some of this. A lot of the oils we keep on hand for much of our own family healing issues. The herbs you can buy but I recommend that you try to grow them (we do). Planting, growing and drying herbs for your own medicine cabinet is so much fun!

Much of this could be found at Mountain rose herbs

Or check it out through Amazon If you do use Amazon we get a tiny commission and it will never cost you an extra dime, and we thank you. It helps to keep our blog up and going.

I sure hope you love this salve as much as we do. Comment, share and enjoy ♡♡♡

From our family to yours, thanks for stopping by


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