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Shea Moisture- Hair Color System Review

Hair Color review


We have been on a mission for several years to be more natural in the products we use and in our health. I recently came to the conclusion that had to include not just the personal care products for the family but for my beauty products as well. I have been searching and searching for ways to keep up the beauty routines that I am used to, while replacing unhealthy products for healthier ones. This has included skin care, make-up, and most recently Hair dye. So if you want to dye your hair, can it be healthy for your hair too?  I am not the kind of gal who is willing to go without make up and beauty products for the sake of “natural beauty”. So I am on a mission to prove beauty can be healthy for us too!

I am a avid hair coloring kind of gal. I have been dying my hair for 10 years at least. I like to be able to change my look, have multiple hair colors highlights and lowlights. I also hate showing grey hair, which I have been plagued with since an unusually early age. So I am a regular salon goer! And like most women now days I color my hair every 6 weeks for regrowth, and 12 weeks all over. However recently I started realizing my hair isn’t as health as I expect it to be. With my thyroid acting much better, and hair loss a thing of the past, I expect much more from my hair.

I did some research and decided to start with Shea Moisture Hair Color System. I am a fan of their other products, especially baby products. Also they get great reviews. So I thought it was a good place to start. I ordered 2 different colors in hopes of doing a darker color on the bottom and lighter color weaved 2015-06-01 11.24.43throughout the top layer. However My order was messed up and I got 2 darker colors. When I got them I was impressed with the ingredients listed. There are a ton of healthy ingredients. Lots of plants extracts, many of which are organic. Lots of healthy oils, also many that are organic and shea butter in almost all aspects of this kit. Comes with hair color, creme developer, application brush, gloves, instructions, restorative shampoo, restorative conditioner, and reconstructive finishing elixir (my favorite).  This kit is free of ammonia and sulfates. As well as, most all other harmful ingredients. I could not find any harmful ingredients. It is not 100% organic however it is leaps and bounds healthier that what I have been doing.



2015-06-01 09.59.58

My hair was just trimmed. But as you can see the roots are starting to show.


2015-06-01 10.02.242015-06-01 10.03.56

The color is only slightly darker. My roots have blended in well. Most importantly my hair feels very healthy. The finishing elixir they include is wonderful, and plenty to use for a while!

So to wrap this all up the cost of coloring my hair cost $80- $100 less than I usually pay, My hair feels great, and I am much happier with the chemical or lack there of that I have subjected myself to! I am happy enough to say I am a convert!

*update 2017* I still prefer this system to all other hair color over time I have learned where I can get it for the best price. I often, and I do mean often, shop on Amazon.  However, this product is not the best price through Amazon, surprising, I know. I have found that it is best priced through Target. If you order 2 or more at one time, you get free shipping. So I just stock up and save ♡♡♡


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