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Healthy Homemade Horseradish

I suppose part of the reason I share this journey as we go, is because it is so foreign to me. And I want to share what we have learned. As a kid born in the 80’s I was raised on pop-tarts for breakfast and hamburger helper for dinner. Now as normal as that was for me, I now consider that a far cry from nutritional. Growing up with so many nutritional deficiencies has led me to search out the most nutritious foods on the planet. Surprisingly enough, pop-tarts are not one of them. What is one of them? Horseradish! Healthy Homemade Horseradish, folks.

Now I know pop-tarts and horseradish are about as opposite as you could get. And I am not saying one should eat horseradish at every meal (however I think avoiding pop-tarts at all times is a good idea). What I am saying is that horseradish is more than just a weird condiment, and actually has some amazing health benefits. Benefits enough considering giving it more space in your life might be a good idea. Both space in your garden and much closer to the front of your fridge not the back.

What makes horseradish so great?

Why I’m glad you asked. Horseradish is part of the brassicaceae family, but closest to mustard and wasabi. So side note (what loves to eat cabbage will also love to eat horseradish too). All that aside. What is really amazing is some of the healing and health properties. Like aiding weight loss, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones, fighting bacteria, aiding in healthy fetal development, clearing chest and nasal congestion, and fighting cancer just to name a few. That list my friends, is nothing to scoff at. When modern medicine gives us a pill for one of those issues (that likely will cause other negative sided effects) but this all-in-one and no weird side effects.

So your impressed? Enough to say, grab a bottle the next time your walking down your condiment aisle?

I have got one better. Grow it.

So I must admit this is one of those plants we inherited by buying a 100+ year old farmhouse in the rural part of Kansas. However I am so glad that it was here. I love how amazing it is for health. And I am not really “aging”yet, but we can all use the best nutrition as we do age. And women often struggle with bone loss, this is one item that will help fight that with its healthy amounts of calcium and magnesium.

I apologize for having no great picture of the horseradish plant here, it was sort of back in the nether regions of the garden. Hidden by asparagus gone wild (which was done on purpose in hopes it comes back thicker next year). I have a thought that asparagus and a horseradish dip might be just glorious.


Now maybe you are telling yourself buying a bottle is a whole lot easier. And that would be true. However aside from the fact that growing and harvesting your own food is really rewarding, store-bought horseradish sauce is often filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy products, preservatives and additives that are less than natural. When you grow it and prepare it you know what’s in it (our bodies always know what we put in them, even if we don’t).


What we have learned is that often the “hard work” is not nearly as hard as well tell ourselves. But growing this beauty (inherited plant yes) but still. This is so simple and awesomely healthy for your body!


And seriously you guys this can’t be any easier!


I adapted this recipe. I try my very hardest to avoid ingredients that are void of nutritional value, or full of sugar. So simple, so great.


Now as an adult I love horseradish. But honestly for so many years I don’t think I had even heard of it! However when you start understanding real foods, it’s like you go from black and white to technicolor! How did I live so long without ever knowing the powerful kick of horseradish! We love to pair it with homemade pita crackers, with meats or in veggie dips, really the options are as endless as your foodie imagination.

So whether you grew up on boxed foods like me, or not. Maybe you are looking for ways to bring health and real food into your life as well. Horseradish is one amazing plant, with a multitude of benefits. This is one plant that is well deserving of a place in your garden, even if it’s a small garden. As we are learning fresh is always better, and homegrown is always superior ♡♡♡

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