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Herbs to relieve seasonal stress

Tis’ the season of stress, am I right? Actually I read that they are now actually categorizing it a “thing” seasonal stress. Many people actually suffer enough stress, that it is now considered a diagnosis. It’s no wonder really, holidays, family, traveling, changes in diet through the all that, extra financial burdens, and the cold and flu season to top it off! It’s really all to much. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir (or maybe I’m only preaching to myself). But for the last several years, well since deciding to heal my own hypothyroidism (read about that here), I have been all about boycotting stress whenever possible, and healing from it the rest of the times. How to you help heal from stress? Herbs for stress, my friends, lovely lovely herbs.

When our bodies are under stress, our immune system, digestive system and even reproductive systems get suppressed to help your body deal with the stress. This is how many people turn to unhealthy solutions just try to cope (which is just silly all for holiday stress!) However my new set of beliefs if there is an ailment I tell myself either 1. There is a essential oil for that,  2. There is an herb for that or 3. A combination (herbs, tinctures, oils etc) and almost always I am right and I can address the issue with one of those. In Fact what I consider my medicine cabinet is almost completely filled with herbs.

Herbs for stress

Herbs to the rescue

so now days when I feel like the stress is creeping up, even with my best stress boycotting attempts, I now turn to herbs.  One of my absolute favorite herbs for stress is Ashwagandha Root. I personally love teas, loose leaf teas so I often mix myself a tea blend with some of these

  •  ashwagandha root
  • spearmint
  • stevia
  • bilberry or other dried fruit
  • black, green or white tea

however if you are not a mix your own tea kind of person you can buy ashwagandha tea ready-made

Or if you are not a tea kinda person at all you can even find this great herb in a supplement pill form

I always like to go with the loose leaf tea route, I guess I feel it’s more natural, I can see what goes into my cup sorta thing. Plus I may want to slightly switch up favors it’s like crafting your own specialty cocktail’ but way, way healthier! What herbs I haven’t or can’t grow for our area I get at mountain rose herbs. I just love herbs.  I dream of one day having my own gorgeous little room that looks like an apothecary from back in the day, I even have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to my love of apothecary (you should go check it out).

So while I dream of my future days where I hopefully remodel my mud room to a dual purpose mud room/ home apothecary complete with homegrown herbs hanging to dry.  I will just continue to drink my teas and avoid pharmaceutical concoctions and learn to heal myself, and share with you all (more on managing your own health here). And if by chance you find yourself wondering what are other good herbs for helping the body deal with stress? I recommend checking out rhodiola and tribulus terrestris both are considered adaptogenic (meaning helps the body adapt to stress and supports normal function of where ever it may be needed) but side note there they are also very helpful in fertility, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Herbs for stress

So if you find yourself traveling, losing luggage, dealing with stressful family or in-laws, exhausted, budget busted and financially stressed and on the verge of sickness and total breakdown, I suggest make yourself a mug of ashwagandha tea sweeten it with a spoonful of raw honey if you need to and sit back and relax. Do that a few times a day and you will be feeling right as rain in no time ♡♡♡

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