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Homeschool plan: 2016-2017 school year

Homeschool plan: 2016-2017 school year

I have been wanting to get this out, and even though school has been in full swing for nearly a month, I wanted to show you what we are working on in our homeschool this school year.

Homeschool plan

start with a bang

Every single school year I start off with a bang. Big plans, new ideas, and I get excited. This year is no different. A lot that has changed for us starting this year, that we have never had before.  I have an entire school room! I mean a homeschool room, That’s huge ya’ll! (More about the school-room check Here) I have two “full-time” students. Not that the younger years haven’t been difficult in their own right. However this year is our 5th year home schooling. We will have a 4th Grader, a 1st Grader, and a young Kindergartener.

in the past

We have used many different curriculums. I have loved many of them. There is such a huge variety out there. Maybe one day I will write about everything we have used and the things I liked or disliked about each one. However this year I did make some changes to the curriculum(s) we will be using and I am very excited, I think the kids have a great year of learning ahead of them.

So what are we up to this year?

Homeschool plan

So this year we switched to using a lot of a curriculum made by Rod & Staff, they are a faith based curriculum. And even though I may not totally agree with theology of some of their stuff. It is pretty good foundationally. The price is great, and a lot is going to be re-usable

4th Grade

Math, science, English, reading, art, music, geography and penmanship We will be using the 4th Grade Rod and Staff

Spelling- Spellingcity.com

History- History Through the ages timeline, along with The story of the Ancient World

Copywork- We copy a bible verse a quote or something similar every day in a notebook, and we stick to it for a whole week (great because this is a free idea and we can change it based on what we are into at the time) Bible verses, Dr Suess, Shell Silverstein or other historical figures get memorized through this routine


1st Grade

English and Word Building- we will be using ACE paces, great for early learning reading. So helpful With helping kids learn to read and put words together. I love ACE for 1st grade English.

Math, Art, Music- Will all be 1st Grade Rod & Staff

Reading- Charlotte Mason copywork readers

Spelling- Spellingcity.com free, online and my kids love doing spelling this way


History- History through the ages timeline, The story of the ancient world



ABC Series From Rod and Staff

Math- Fun Star Wars workbooks (this is what we have)

Reading-Fun Star Wars workbook (this is what we have)


New School Year= A fresh Start

Homeschool plans

I like starting each new year. We build on what we have already done. We have the ability to start new, add, change or shake things up. Each year is a learning process especially for the homeschool teacher. This year I am excited knowing I have new tools and with my kids ages that their interests are changing. We like new kinds of books, each kid has a new level of interests. Mom/teacher has new tools especially excited about my new chalkboard all DIY! (read about that here)

I am sure I will even add in a few projects that I have not included in here, that is the joy of homeschooling FLEXIBILITY!! This is our plan for the year. What curriculums to you use and love, please comment share and enjoy.

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