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homeschooling when your not ‘teacher like’

So you want to homeschool, but you are not very ‘teacher like’

Some people have teaching in their blood. They are the first to correct improper English usage. They have handwriting that looks more like art-work, you know the kind with the little dots placed carefully in each letter (this would be my mother-in-law). They have books galore and keep crayons in the car, right? Ok……then there is the rest of us. Those of us who didn’t have a background in teaching, those of us who may have thought that is the LAST job on earth I would ever do. Those of us who don’t have little organized drawers and color coded charts.

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Military personalities and teaching small children, that’s like a bad joke

Heck before kids or the school years my background was in the military and fitness. I can teach you how to sculpt your legs, do amazing lunges or drop body fat. I can show you how to clean an M16, shoot a MK19 or drive a PLS (civilian translation= military words for a large truck). I have about the farthest background from elementary teacher that one could have.  I thrived on anything that gives you an adrenaline rush (still do if I get the chance). I have never been accused of correcting improper English, correcting speech and being in the Army simply can’t co-exist (if you have ever been in the military you will know what I mean)


So when homeschooling was laid on the table as an option to look at, I was very intimidated. Everyone I knew were the organized, school teacher types. Worse yet, they actually had the background in teaching and education. Not me, I love my kids, but we don’t fit in that world. When my kids are in trouble they don’t get a no-no speech they get a lecture drill sergeant style, heck I am even guilty of using the 4 finger knife hand (you have to be military to understand that)  So I was definitely thinking that homeschooling was a disaster waiting to happen.



what I now know

So with 4 successful years under my belt of homeschooling, I have learned what homeschooling really is all about (don’t get me wrong I am by no means the veteran homeschool mom with decades under my belt, like some moms I have met)

  1. Kids don’t need pretty little dots on their letters to learn to read them. That’s awesome if you can do, that! However if you can’t you can still be a great teacher to your children.
  2. Learning is personal and every child is different. Knowing that child gives the parent a strong advantage.
  3. Learning doesn’t have to be in a school room. So if you have a living room but don’t have a classroom covered in primary colors learning will still happen. As it will in the back yard, on the porch, at the park, in the basement, at the library, in the car, in a camper and anywhere else homeschooling may lead you.
  4. Personality is not what makes kids learn. So if you, as a parent/ caregiver, are not like a school teacher. That’s ok. You may be like me a military vet, or a firefighter, or a lumberjack or a skydiving  instructor, if your heart is to help your kids to learn, you will make a great learning facilitator.
  5. Schools spend big bucks to educate the public, but not a lot of money is needed to learn. So if a home education for your kids is leading you away from a two income home to a one income home, learning will still happen.

There is a lot more I could list, but these were some of the things that made me nervous. People tend to look down on home based learning, what ever style you want to call that. However the truth is school is about learning, not fashion, or being socially acceptable, or socialized. So when you put learning first, learning happens. Heck kids are like sponges they learn even when we aren’t trying for that, am I right?.

So if for whatever reason you have started thinking maybe a home based education is a good option for your family, don’t let little things scare you off. If you have birthed, adopted or step-parented a child in this world, you are tougher than you think. If you were not a teachers-pet or homeschooled yourself, but are hoping to help your child through the learning process in life, heck that’s ok.


And if by chance you are considering schooling your kids yourself, I applaud you. It take guts to be walking a path contrary to the mainstream. Keep on  and know other moms, dad, grandparents, step-parents have felt what you feel.

have you recently started homeschooling (what ever you may call be it road-schooling, unschooling, homeschooling or whatever else I may be missing) I would love to post your story, give other parents out there support and inspiration♡♡♡

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