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Homeschooling stigmas, give it up people it’s dead!

So we are homeschoolers, I don’t shy away about that. And to be quite honest I started it thinking it was pretty normal. I wasn’t raised as a homeschooled child, but I have tons of friends who are all homeschooling. And for different reasons, and with different goals. And that’s what makes our society great, diversity. But with all the people out there doing it, you would think it’s kind of accepted right?

Homeschooling stigmas

A few months in I realized that people “try” to connect a negative social image with it, a stigma. Don’t get me wrong I am not exactly the kinda girl who follows the “rules” or “has to do what society says”( check out more on that here) But seriously like everyone says the same thing. Like it’s a line they practiced before walking into me for the first time! Number one question “but how will they get socialized”, (insert pouty face) those poor neglected babies! But what I soon learned was it is mostly the older generation, that doesn’t realize change happened. That old story about being unsocialized is about as out of date as the story of walking to school up hill both ways in 5 feet of snow with no shoes on. It’s dead people give it up!

You can now homeschool, road school, online public school, online private school, and unschool. You name it, the sky’s the limit! There are homeschool groups, meet ups, field trips and activities. I have even seen families that travel the world while homeschooling. World travelers, seriously, and unsocialized? Not hardly.


In fact homeschooling has risen over 60% over the last 10 years. That is a seriously noteworthy statistic. Homeschool children, statistically speaking, out perform public school children across the board. Homeschooling is not one race, social group, ethnicity, or income bracket. It has outgrown all of that, It has also outgrown all the old excuses. These kids have technology and resources that has never been available to generations prior. What they can and will do will be nothing short of amazing!

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… Get on your way!             -Dr. Seuss


Want your kids to learn multiple languages that wouldn’t be available in your area? Done.

Want your kids to work one, two or more years ahead? It’s totally possible!

Would your child thrive with a specialized plan? It’s normal now.

Do you want your kids to study computer science, or robotics or automation at 7, 9 or 10? With homeschooling you can

Do you want your kids to study the Arts or literature at an early age? Do it!


I get that the “weird” titles for homeschoolers was  a thing. However they are a thing of the past. The day has come when homeschooling is now wide-spread. Nearly every small, even tiny community has a large group of homeschoolers. The day where homeschoolers go on to win the Olympics, graduate college at extremely early ages and many more accomplishments. In these current times socialization is everywhere! And that ‘old hat’ of an excuse sounds well just Stone Age.

Today is a new day! A day where homeschooling a special needs child may just be what is best. A day where flexibility is everywhere. The time has come where we realize the learning does not have to happen inside “school” walls. Technology has broadened horizons, and the future looks bright. And that my friends is what it is all about, the children and our future ♡♡♡

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  • Mrs. JEF says:

    I live in a small community and homeschool 2 kids. Amazingly enough, there are at least 5 other families I know well that homeschool here and more people are wishing to make the transition. I enjoy the laid back schedule. We have raised chickens, ducks, & rabbits. We also have rescued several cats, dogs, baby birds that have fallen out of nests. We do nature walks, scavenger hunt, sports, arts, & church community. Trying to raise polite, smart, Godly children in a world that is extremely negative. We do tons of other things like cooking, building, library programs, etc. The sky is the limit.

    • Beth says:

      👏 Amen! Homeschooling is so much more than a lot of people ever think. And seriously homeschooling is gaining a lot of ground. Raising and educating great kids is much more than 4 walls! Keep up the great work. Thanks for stopping by

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