Homeschooling today

Homeschooling in 2015

So years ago it seems homeschoolers had a bad rap, they were weird, shut in’s, and “unsocialized”. But in 2015 is seems kid-readinghomeschooling and variations of that are on the rise. Online public school to distance learning, to full home schooling. Kids everywhere are now getting their educations at home on the road and on the go. Why is this? And whats it all about? Well I believe the rise in popularity may be for many reasons. Some it may be the parents don’t agree with whats being taught or not taught in public school. Others have children who thrive with more one on one attention, or have learning disabilities. Still, others want a more flexible lifestyle. Whatever the reason homeschooling is on the rise everywhere, and has become much more socially acceptable.

Pro’s and Cons


  • you get much more say so in your child’s education, and materials taught
  • child has a schedule fit to them
  • child has a teacher that understands them better, you!
  • can be mobile
  • flexible
  • cuts down on children learning to hate learning
  • family bonding


  • takes organization (schedules, time and paperwork)
  • takes time
  • takes patience

What about cost?

Well fortunately in todays modern education times there are tons of options. From free online public school, to very affordable online school, so curriculum that ranges in cost depending on your goals.

What about Work?

I have read many stories and learned from people personally who do homeschool and still work full-time. The schedules may be different or parents may work on different schedules. I have even read one story where a single parent home schools, that’s amazing!

How hard is it to get started?

I will admit I did have a learning curve to get past the first year. However, I learned that it’s so flexible that I can change whatever we need to. Change schedules, learning tools, places of learning, curriculum and so much more.  Also today there are tons of resources out there to help you navigate the homeschooling road.


There are many many more resources out there here are just a few of our favorites!

Are you a homeschool family? If so what made you decide to homeschool?

Please feel free to add your comments!


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