If you want a homestead kind of life, to learn and practice how to be more self-reliant no matter where you live whether in the country or an urban setting.

Homestead Life

When you lead a self-reliant life, you are no longer reliant on a bunch of other sources, stores, or systems. A homestead lifestlye is all about a self-reliant life. From raising your own poultry for meat, eggs or both to goats for meat or milk or other small livestock for food, manure production for healthy soil and much more. Homestead living is taking control of your food (and where it comes from) can be as close as your backyard. From raising poultry for eggs, compost turning or homestead goats for milk or meat  to taking a self-reliant lifestyle choice you will find loads of ideas here!

Navigate the picture categories below for ideas to get you out there, and grow your own food!

“Two hens in the back yard for each person in the house will keep a family in fresh eggs.”

-From the U.S. Dept of Agriculture 1918

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