In 2016……

So this year like every year we have goals and plans. However, this year 2016 is about the most exciting year EVER! New home with change aheadland, new baby, growing family! This will be one for the book! So what exactly are we planning for this wild ride?

2016 plans for the upcycled homestead

  • grow egg layer flock to 15+ birds
  • start meat birds
  • start 2-3 sheep
  • seriously consider a dairy cow
  • let land rest
  • layout garden areas and build garden fences
  • build and expand onto the greenhouse
  • expand the aquaponic system
  • find wood chipper and use to mulch garden beds
  • grow more of what we eat
  • eat more whole/ raw foods
  • find a small income niche with farmers markets
  • spend quality family time enjoying our new life
  • teach kids hands on where our food comes from

our plans may be ever-changing as is life. As our life on a little country homestead begin we are off to a great start!

Have you started a year that you just know will be amazing? How will you upcycle your life in 2016?



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