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So yes it’s summer. Time to relax a bit more, I know. And I am, a bit. Taking the summer slow, not wishing it to go by to fast, after all homeschool moms need summer break too. Enjoying some carefree days being a mom now to 5 kiddos (geez how did that happen, wink).


However, I have learned time will fly and the next school year will be here before I know it, so I better just plan for it. Like the military saying goes ‘proper planning prevents piss-poor performance’ (sorry for the french, if that came across strong I didn’t make it up I swear, just borrowed it).

Summer fun

Summer fun

Summer fun

As the kids spend their days baking in the sun, running around filling water guns out of the kiddie pool to ambush a sibling, eating popsicles or smoothies on the wrap-around porch. Really living up the summer, as children should. I have been sitting at my desk in front of a big picture window watching them, staying cool indoors with the new baby, and working on my 2017-2018 school plans.

This next school year will be the beginning of our 6th year homeschooling. I like to think I get better and better each year. I never was the “teacher type”, and still am not. However I think I have learned and am still learning ways to better run a homeschool. The first few years I used a generic day planner from and office supply store, to try to schedule our days and school work into. Nope, not any more. They just don’t work for a homeschooling family, there is to much to track.

So the last several years I have spent trying to tweak a planner to be just what I need. I bought PDF versions on ETSY, and they worked ok. But some stuff I didn’t use and other parts I wanted more of something. So now I am down to pretty well putting my own together each year, then I take it to an office supply store and have them put a binder on it.

What I have come up with works well for us, feel free to take and use what you can, or need to. If it doesn’t work, you are at no loss cause heck IT WAS FREE, right?

Homeschool planner

For the week at a glance/ my weekly plan/ attendance in PDF download

Homeschool week at a glance printable

In the week at a glance PDF there are little areas for daily notes, goals, thoughts, daily to-do’s and a weekly focus that is left unlabeled (I use this and give one slot to each kid). In My weekly plan I made this up because we are more like routine people not schedule people. So exact times to start and stop stuff never really worked for us. So I give each kid 3 rows for the day, each row is a certain amount of time they need to work before a break. My oldest is 2 hours, 2o minutes, and the first row is for that time block. I generally let him choose what he wants to do for that time block, so long as he gets done all the things he has to do that day by the end of his day. So say the first time block he did reading, spelling and math. Then the next time block he did Science and journaling. This helps him to not get burnt out, and to have a certain level of responsibility with managing his own time.

Homeschool planner

Also when tracking hours of instruction vs days of school. I always opt for days of school. I know each state has different laws on this one, this method I just found to be easier. If this way works for you great, just print as many undated pages as you need for your school year!

Homeschool planner

This is the bulk of the stuff I like to track. However I also like to keep a homeschool budget, reading log, curriculum plan, and curriculum map (which child is doing what curriculum). I also like to keep grades and progress report (however I do not have a printable here for that).

Homeschool planner

To download the reading log, homeschool budget, curriculum map and curriculum schedule use these links

Homeschool reading log printable

Homeschool budget printable

Curriculum map printable

Curriculum schedule printable

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Last but not least, what homeschool parent doesn’t feel a little drained at some time or another? We like positive  quotes, in fact that’s what we do with our DIY Chalkboard, I rotate different positive quotes and the kids have copy work every day, and they copy the quote. They work on hand writing and hopefully a few of those positive quotes stick with them. So I thought I would add a few printables of my favorites quotes or poems for you to add to your learning space or homeschool planner!

Homeschool planner

Want three 3 different inspirational printables?

Inspirational 1 printable

Inspirational 2 printable

Inspirational 3 printable

So as it is yet summer, we still have plenty of time to do summer stuff. However August will sneak up on me and before I know it the next school year will be here. I have learned my lessons on waiting for all the planning to the last minute, can I say panic attack. Now I think it’s better to slowly plan all through out the summer, I never feel rushed and everything gets done.

A big piece to our school year is a planner. I like to have it to keep me on track, the kids on a working plan, to know what and when we did stuff and lastly in case we ever need it to protect ourselves in a legal situation to prove our homeschooling efforts. So whatever the reason you find yourself looking for a homeschool planner I hope that these pages can help you and your homeschool planning ♡♡♡

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