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January Round-Up

When January comes I always feel a renewed sense of tasks and accomplishments I want to get done. You could call it jumping the gun, but I just feel like I want to go! Even though it is still the dead of winter, and really cold outside, I start thinking of planning garden, starting seeds and where I want plant production to go that season. This year of course I’d no different however I do have a new plan for gardening this year, and January just so happened to be the time I wanted to start implementing that plan.


January was a month of plans mixed with struggle. I do have a lot of plans… And I know, I know I always say that. But it is usually true. I wanted to get a jump on seed starting especially herbs. I want big powerful beautiful herbs to transplant into garden beds, when the weather is warm. Herbs to me, are natures little secret weapon. They are so multipurpose, they can be food, medicine or powerful little garden pest deterrents. So my garden plan includes me having these crazy strong herbal beauties by transplanting time.


However this month had a Mother Nature overhaul and took a huge toll on the monthly goings on. We had a once a decade ice storm that took out the power grid all over our area of Kansas for days and even a week for some. It was a time, let me tell you,  check that post out here. However we did learn some valuable lessons and that is still good news.

We also announced our once again growing farm life and family life at the beginning of the month. We also added two new dogs to this ever evolving circus. In 2016 we lost 3 dogs. Which yes is use the way life works sometimes. But after some time for healing from our loss, we decided on two more. A Boxer/American bull-dog mix that Aspen named diamond, who was picked based on the fact she looked a little like our old boxer Leroy, who was such a great dog for so many years. We also welcomed Colosso, named by Chaisen. This little girl is a terrier-chihuahua mix, which might not seem like a great farm dog, however little dogs are great at warning you when something isn’t quite right.

January pups

So all in all January was a success. Yes we did have a big power outage that put a cramp in my style for nearly a week. However my list of goals I set out in December Round-Up are pretty well all accomplished. We have a new fancy homestead planner and tracker, we have 2 new “farm dogs”, garden planning is well on its way. We nailed down a lot of 2017 goals and a decent budget, the kids are driving ahead in school, and an Antique dresser makeover is well underway (not finished but close).

February Goals

  • seed start peppers, tomatoes, melons and cucumbers
  • have older kids start a homeschool sewing project
  • finish dresser makeover
  • start painting dining room
  • start doing antique buffet makeover
  • do more trips to the library
  • birthday time
  • take some great pictures

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. -Tony Robbins

Something to take away

With a new year and new goals. There is so much going on, and many times events happen to set us back or take the wind out of our sails. World events, weather events or road bump events, it’s important to keep pushing forward. For when those events have passed we will be further ahead than if we stopped to hang out at our hang ups. Sometimes that may mean we just shake it off, or maybe it’s harder and we have to really focus on putting one foot in front of the next. For us January had a lot of accomplishments but a lot of hang-ups as well. However I want to keep focused on the good and the positive and keep moving forward. We have a lot still to do, and I have some really exciting posts coming out in February that I am so excited to share ♡♡♡

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