July Round-Up | Enjoying the moment

Have you ever found yourself wondering where has the last month or several months or even this whole year gone to? You realize you have been so caught up in tasks for the day-to-day living that in those moments you forgot to live? Like really live. Like being there for your kids when they want to play, and being there mentally present because your mind is on the next things that has to be done? Or when your toddler would like to sit on your lap and cuddle, but your focused on the dishes that need done, the laundry that needs folded, so you miss out on the present? I mean they do say it is called present for a reason right? Trading the gifts of this moment for mental business. Maybe stopping to enjoy the moment is easier said than done, but maybe not, maybe it’s just a shift in our mentality.

enjoying the moment

July has kind of been like a haze of to-do’s and have-to-get-this-done tasks, and where did the month go? That is kinda how I feel. Maybe you can relate, but I can’t say I feel to awfully accomplished, I kinda just feel like I spent some time like a hamster on a wheel. Where does all that time go, I mean we never get it back. So be it’s a day, week, month or year, when it’s gone it’s gone. That is an almost a heartbreaking thought. I want those moments back…..

Well I think I am ready to say enough is enough. Imagine for a moment looking back on your month and realizing it was filled with awesome moments, memory banking moments. It is better to be present than absent-minded. Isn’t it more lovely to swing on the swings at the park than to email from a phone? Don’t the cupcakes taste sweeter that you made with little helper hands, that made for one dirty kitchen. The air is fresher, after that family size water balloon fight in the front yard. What if right?

wherever you are, be there. If you can be fully present now, you’ll know what it means to live. -Steve Goodier

So as August approaches us and that rushed time of a new school year starts, I think a change of focus is in order. A challenge to focus on the now, to be present in this moment. To give ourselves every chance to soak up this time we have in our grasp now. Not the worries of tomorrow, or the regrets of yesterday. A chance to mentally put down the to-do lists and the I forgot-to-do lists. A chance to reorganize so that all moments are not multitasking moments. To take our chance to be really-really present in the present.

August goals

  • refocus energy on most import tasks
  • organize time and schedules to free up time and energy
  • spend more time with family less running circles
  • take more pictures
  • more bonding moments
  • more slow down time
  • take more bike rides
  • organize early morning routines to get to-do lists done before kids are up
  • stop and enjoy this moment more

It is so easy to get busy in life, and our fast paced world is so full of stuff that demands our attention, and before we know it we sacrificed our now, our present for split focus, semi-present, psudo-participation kind of life. Yes life still needs order, and tasks, jobs and to-do’s still have to be done. Those things can be done inside a time frame, leaving other times open for living for life. Life is happening all around us, but in many ways our fast-paced, always-connected life is stealing our now. Look for moments to take back your now, your presence in the present. This month I am going to challenge myself (and I hope you will join me) to give yourself the gift that is now, the present.♡♡♡

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