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July Round-up

What happened in July round these parts?

Well not nearly as much as I had hoped…

I had a to-do list I posted earlier this summer, listing all the things I would like to get done. And here I sit at the end of July and I admit, I am no where close to finishing that goal…. 😒 that’s how I tend to do. I set big lofty goals, and don’t accomplish half of it. However I tell myself it’s more than I would have done had I not set the goals. So I am sure I will over plan again in the future again.

Anyways so here is how things went down this month….

the garden is growing well and we are expecting melons any day… Which is the best❤️❤️❤️

Swim lessons and plenty of family time at the pool (minus one kid, Big man Chaisen is usually gone through most of July 🤓)

Our January chicks have started to lay! Thank heavens, two layers isn’t enough for this family😉.

We are very rooster heavy, so we have started to process a few of the roosters (this is brand new to us, we hope to post more on that in the future!)

I have totally had enough of the 70’s dated carpet in my dining room (really why was that ever good idea🤔) with 4 kids ( that includes a baby and a toddler) food ends up on the floor, and often. Carpet had to go! Lucky for us we had amazing hardwoods under the ugly carpet. We still need to remove wallpaper, paint, update lighting, and refinish the floors. So begins the dining room remodel….

We adopted two new farm animals! A great mouse hunting cat named Griffen and an old golden retriever named Groot. We love, love, love being able to give animals a home❤️.

The kids are loving going to the garden for fresh veggies. They often haul in what we eat that night😘 and I love that they have that experience. Learning that food is truly a blessing and where it really comes from.

Fitness has taken a back seat for a while. Moving to a new farm comes with a lot of new work. However we decided our old farmhouse basement (mostly a storage type basement) will be the new home gym. Needs a little paint and some storage shelves removed from the walls, adding more room for weight racks. I never plan on letting myself become weak 💪. So great that we are finally getting out workout equipment set back up.

School starts in 3 weeks, and I have been working on the school room makeover and organization. Which organization, by the way, is my greatest weakness🙄 like my own personal kryptonite. I’d rather tackle any task except to figure out how to optimize a space with organization (however I make myself do it). It would probably be done faster if I did not loath it so……. However  I have my school room make over nearly done and I will do a big post on it as promised.

Next month….

  • finish building the greenhouse, so it’s ready to grow for fall
  • butcher a few more roosters, they are driving me nuts
  • take one mini family vacation once all the kiddies are back
  • start school

ok August I’m ready for you, bring it….


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