leave the winter blues, step into a greenhouse

stock-footage-timelapse-of-emerging-seedlingsI am not a winter person, I despise the cold. My mood, my body, every-part of me struggles during the winter. Today it’s 25° outside, but its 65° inside the greenhouse. I go there several times a day to feel a bit of spring. I  got to thinking as I was standing in the greenhouse soaking in the warmth and sun, spring is just around the corner. Its February 1st, in two months spring planting outside can begin. Now is a great time to start seeds inside to have larger plants come spring planting!

What I am looking to start from seed soon. I plan on planting creeping thyme, yarrow,  peppers, tomatoes, beets, calendula, comfrey, chamomile, bilberry! I’m sure I will add more to that list later

How do you beat the winter blues? Do you jump the gun on spring? I would love to hear how other urban homesteaders, country homesteaders, gardeners and nature lovers prepare for spring!


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