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Making Echinacea Tintures

Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures are herbal extracts in a liquid. Most commonly in alcohol, but also can be in vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. So when you are growing your own herb garden one very effective way to be able to use the herbs is to put them into tinctures. A Very simple and cheap process. One small tincture may last for years. Typically tincture are not super expensive, but making your own can be much more cost-effective. Home grown herbs and a $10 bottle of vodka would make several times the amount of tincture as buying a $10 pre-made tincture. So I have 2nd year Echinacea growing and I want to show you the tincture we are making. I am partially experimenting so I have one tincture started with tequila, one in vodka and one in vegetable glycerin (for a kid friendly version).

Herbal tincture

Here is one of the Echinacea plants a little earlier in the spring. It was not yet blooming just putting on a lot of leaves, (at this point the plant energy is in the leaves and growing more leaves)

Herbal tincture

Making herbal tinctures

Herbal tincture

  • Take several leaves wash them
  • Place them in a glass jar
  • Cover with alcohol or vegetable glycerin

Let them sit in a sunny spot or a place that gets a little warm but not hot for 4-6 weeks (ideally)


Then as your Echinacea starts putting on blooms you want to gather some of them as well. (at this point the plant is using most of its energy to produce the flowers)

Let this sit for several more weeks, or add flowers as your plant produces more.

You may also wait till the fall then the plant in dying back and dig up some of the roots to add to the mixture (this is when the plant energy is returning to the roots) *we will be skipping this step this year for a fuller Echinacea crop next year*

As your tincture sits it is pulling out all the properties of the plant into the liquid.

  • Strain out your mixture very good
  • put liquid in an amber bottle with dropper (ideally)
  • place in a cool storage area

Your tincture can keep for several years in good conditions. Alcohol tincture last the longest. You can use during cough and cold season when you feel symptoms coming on. Place a full dropper  into water and drink.

Simple, cheap, healthy, and natural! ♡♡♡

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Echinacea tinctures



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