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March Round-Up (2017)

March has come and gone, Spring has officially started, and all of life is in full swing. Planting, transplanting, watering, animals, milking, fence mending, so much is here and life is coming anew once again. We can once again look forward to line dryed laundry, sprinkler days, shorts and flip-flops, flowers blooming, melons to eat, picnics and bike riding. Shedding of the winter blues and enjoying that excited feeling that comes with spring and summer, Ahh….

March 2017

With spring in motion and warmer days that are getting longer I get more and more ready to be outside and not nearly as excited to be inside grading papers. This is typically the time of year I, and the kids, start to look forward to the summer break from homeschooling. Yes as a homeschooling parent I get to live the excitement of summer too, which in many ways is pretty cool.

With the warm always comes more work, good work, exciting work. The gardens are coming to life, rhubarb is coming up and last years brand new strawberry plants are showing as well. Horseradish root that will be going into next winters fire cider recipe. We got peppers, tomatoes and small melons all going in the greenhouse, with new herbs to transplant.

If I am completely truthful I want to plant 1000 more seeds, I am forcing myself to scale it down. With baby #5 on the way I remind myself to take it a little easier. Maybe don’t take on the big south garden and work just to maintain perennials in the north garden. Plant more in aquaponics or greenhouse and less everywhere else. As much as I wish I was the energizer bunny, the truth I sometimes have to face is that I am not, and rest is needed.

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So as much as I want to have huge organic gardens and a road-side farm stand to sell fresh fruits and veggies, we are not quite there yet. We are however getting closer to the self-sufficiency goals. In a few short years we have learned how to manage chickens, ducks and goats and started to produce all our own eggs, milk, and much of our fruits or veggies. And even though we have plans and goals to run a homestead based business, flashback to that here, we are still not quite ready for that step. So while we wait and rest a bit more, and I learn a bit more patience, we will be learning to perfect the skills we already know and have

April Goals

  • gets herbs transplanted to flower beds
  • start a fun DIY kids bedroom project (promise to do a post about it)
  • do more baby planning
  • take kids to park more
  • do more house painting
  • do some sewing
  • family bike rides

What is without periods of rest will not endure -Ovid

While April will continue in the busyness, with much to do, I will try to take it on with an attempt to take it somewhat relaxed. Rest is a renewing of life, which often I must remind myself of that, however it is good for us all.

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Something to take away

Stopping to take a breather or scale back a bit may at time seem less than desirable but in the end will give us much more production. Spring is a time of renewing, growing and coming back to life. So with that stopping to smell the “roses” that spring brings us is good for the soul and uplifting to the mind. So enjoying the spring and the new plants, new birds and the sounds of life is a great way to spend some April time♡♡♡

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