March Round-up

Wrapping up March is a great feeling! I mean spring is here! Finally,  winter always seems so long, and yes I always jump the gun. This year was no exception. February I Planted beans in pots, maybe a little to soon, a winter storm blew in before I could get them in. However, that is the risk right?  We did get a lot accomplished, the list of to-do’s seems to grow faster than we check them off. 

We put 18 seed potatoes in the ground. 

Seed potatoes saved in the dark cold basement, yet they were determined to grow! 

Started a boat load of seedlings in pots. Some weathered better than others of course. (Next year I will only start herbs so early, let them get ahead of veggies) 

If you follow us on Instagram ( and I seriously think you should ☺️) you might have seen these guys. Two Pygmy goats were added to the farm life. Hercules ( the black one) 3 legged Hulk (the light one). The thought was they would help keeps weeds in check (but I must admit I’m a sucker for animals, like a 3 legged goat, that others may just do away with). 

They must think they are dogs, they follow us everywhere, even for a afternoon jog! 

We added 15 chicks from a farm supply store (5 red star, 5 white rock, 5 bargain bin) 6 older chicks and 2 young roosters were given to us, from fellow chicken keepers. That brings the flock to 40 chicken.


And just like that we have ducks again. They are so darn adorable as babies! Plus 4 ducks. The whole flock is at 44 now. 

With farm life growing, seeds sprouting, trees blooming and children running around, the homestead is coming to life and we feel so blessed. 

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  • Susan Waugh says:

    Hi to all of you! Love the farm life pictures and especially all the wonderful work you are all doing as a family! Heartwarming! Hercules and Hulk are too cute! How much fun for all of you! Keep up the happy work, you are making a lifetime of family memories! Love you all! G. Suzy

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