Marshmallow Benefits & Uses

If I say marshmallow it probably conjures up childhood memories of campfires and smores. Rightfully so. However the marshmallows we have today only received the name of the herbal healing plant our ancestors once knew. The marshmallow benefits and uses are many, while any side effects are very few if any at all. The root of this beautiful flower, that was once the original marshmallow, has many healing properties. Maybe enough that you may want to happily consider giving it a tad bit of garden space (wink, wink).

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This tall beautiful perennial flower just so happens to fall in the same family as hollyhocks and okra. This helps to explain its mucilage nature, much like you find in an okra once cut open.

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Marshmallow Root Information 

This beautiful flowering plant has a history that far surpasses campfires and cookouts. In fact, the history goes back to ancient peoples who were know to have used the prized root in many feasts. Later the Europeans took note of the marshmallow benefits and its mucilage properties to create the first edition of the modern day marshmallow treat,(which had an actual medicinal value, whereas the modern day version lack any actual marshmallow root).

Marshmallow is a wonderfully easy plant to grow, that like its cousin the hollyhock can grow in many growing conditions. like its name suggests it is said to like moist marshy soil but can survive many drought-like conditions. It can grow well in full sun to partial shade. This hearty perennial puts on beautiful flowers but needs some room as they will grow to heights of 4 feet plus!

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marshmallow benefits and uses

Marshmallow Plant Medicinal Uses

Marshmallow benefits are many while side effects are nearly none. It is considered a safe herb for almost all. With a known history for healing everything digestive to calming teething pain in infants, you can be sure that marshmallow plant is considered a safe herb. However, if you have a question about your particular issue consult with a certified herbalist or ND.

Because of its mucilage properties, marshmallow has been popular for treating all sorts of inflammation issues, especially inflammation of the skin, digestive system and respiratory system. Other ailments that marshmallow has been used to treat

  • stomach ulcers
  • gastritis
  • colitis
  • diverticulitis
  • IBS
  • cystitis
  • dry coughs
  • bronchial asthma
  • bronchial congestion
  • skin irritation
  • dry chapped skin
  • bladder infection
  • kidney infection
  • teething or gum inflammation


It’s clear to see the marshmallow benefits. With the ease of growing this beautiful flower along with its many and versatile healing properties, makes adding a little marshmallow to your garden as well as your herbal medicine cabinet an easy decision ♡♡♡

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