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May Round-Up

May Around the Farm…

As we close out May here are a few things that happened through the month.

Well farm life grew…

We did not get more farm life this month, which was the first month all year we didn’t aquire a new farm animal one way or another. So catching up with the growing ones we have (might I say with goats that’s a task!)

Finished another school year! Homeschooling has it’s ups and downs like anything. However as a homeschool family we all look forward to that summer vacation! 

The kiddies spend time in the garden learning how food grows! Love the life lessons,  they learn best doing as we do not doing as we say.

We got rain, rain and more rain! The back pasture actually has a creek starting in it! I’m sure we will see explosive plant growth in June!

Upcycled an old dresser to a nesting box!



Blackberries blooming

With that we wrap up the month of May! June bring it on.

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  • melodie casey says:

    Your kids are really experiencing life. They will learn to do things that very few of their peers can do. They will be rich!

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