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Memory-Making first day traditions

First Day Traditions

As we start back to school, I always try to do things that are memory makers. Every year and miles stone is precious, and I want to be able to remember them all. I want to remember the things they said or the size of their hands when they were first graders. So here are some of our first day traditions


First day traditions

First day traditions
First day traditions
I make every kid take pictures. I ask them that day what do they want to be when they grow up, and I write whatever they answer. Sometimes the answers are hilarious. That’s what make great memories. (I also take picture the last day of school and I keep both for keepsakes)

Art activities

First day traditions
I give them all canvas boards. They do handprints write their names and paint whatever they want. And I love watching how that changes from year to year also.

I love watching their writing get neater or their imaginations grow. I love that I can see their personalities in their art work even when they are really young. One day they will be grown, one day they won’t spell things wrong (or nearly as much), one day they won’t have tiny hands. And as much as that is the goal of every parent, to raise up your children, I will miss these days. But having lots of memories will help ♡

We do this for a homeschool activity. However I think it would be a great activity for any kid, homeschooled or not. These are some of my day 1, school traditions. Do you have traditions? What are fun memory making activities you do with your kiddies?

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