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Morning Routines for the Homeschool Mom

Struggling to homeschool and successfully juggle other things? The homeschool mom has a lot on her plate so often house keeping, maintaining a workout program or personal goals and aspirations get over run. Why a homeschool mom morning routine (I promise that’s not as boring as it sounds) just might become your new secret weapon at bringing back those things that add spark in your life.

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Years ago when I was younger had less kids, chickens and chores I thought I could just roll out of bed and start out on my best foot for the day.

I imagined I would bound down the stairs looking like a million bucks in my robe, singing the hills are alive with the sound of music while making my son a pretty little stack of pancakes. Then we would float through the homeschool work and just like that I would completely slay the day.

Then I, of course, would win the best mom of the year award (every year).

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Then, at some point, reality hit me. Ok, let’s be real, that’s an understatement, reality ran me over like a Mack truck.

Somewhere around child number three, when showering semi-regularly and keeping my tiny humans alive WERE my big goals in life, I could see this homeschooling gig was a whole other mountain to climb.

I realized if getting out of my pajamas or ever washing my hair again was going to happen, I needed help. Since Super Nanny, wasn’t busting down my door, and making me get my rear in gear, I was going to have to find that solution myself.

The solution? A homeschool mom morning routine

Since that sounds rigid and boring let me spin it this way. The homeschool mom morning ritual. A time I decided to dedicate to me, a time I hold so dearly it’s no longer a routine, it’s my very own personal, dare I even say sacred, ritual.

Sounds dramatic… Oh but it is.

It is as if the clouds parted and the angels sang.

I get to add back in all those things that fill me up. I could finally find time for journaling, reading (an adult book), a workout, watering the garden or even… YES, a full shower, before those sleepy kids even opened their eyes.

Can I get a hallelujah?!

Homeschool Mom Morning Routine

A morning routine or more accurately a morning ritual can be any of those things that help you to be better prepared for the day, anything you have been putting off or helps fill your cup. Your list of things that fulfill you may be totally different from me and that’s ok. Maybe things like:

  • walking the dog
  • morning jog
  • gym workout
  • journaling
  • bible reading
  • meditation
  • relaxing in a sauna
  • starting a loaf of bread

Maybe your list is different. If you had to list your 3-5 most important things you would do to fill you up and add a little spark in your life what would it be?

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Morning routines start at night

I know this may sound counter intuitive but if you want to start an amazing morning ritual, preparing the night before is foundational.

What things could get in your way from you doing those 3-5 things on your list?

Would it be a sink full of dirty dishes that might divert your attention from that morning run? Or a messy living room that would keep you from focusing on your journaling or bible reading time?

Let’s be honest life happens, so planning around those morning road blocks will help your morning ritual become a complete success.

a homeschool mom in a morning routine

My homeschool mom morning routine

Here is what my morning routine generally looks like:

  1. Wake/ start a load of laundry
  2. Get coffee, tea, shilajit or otherwise “go-juice” and read for 10-15 minutes
  3. Workout
  4. Meditation
  5. Shower and get ready for the day

I get up at 5 in the morning and my kids usually start to wake up around 7:30. In two and a half hours I am usually able to get a jump-start on chores for the day, caffeinate myself, get some me reading in, get a blood-pumping workout, center my mind with meditation and get ready for the day.

Now when life happens, and the kids hit the ground running, or someone drops by unexpectedly I am ready. Not only am I ready, but I have also filled up with me, with those things that bring life to me, so I can pour more life into someone else.

Morning Routine Tips

Starting a morning routine can be hard, especially if you are not naturally a morning person. There are many books, YouTube videos on morning routines. My absolute favorite tool to plan a morning routine is the Sidekick Journal, the perfect tool to really conquer your mornings (wink, wink).


If you are looking to up your homeschool mom game or get back a little bit of the YOU spark in your life, a homeschool mom morning routine or more accurately a morning ritual, just might be that tool you need. This one mom-hack can not only give you a renewed spark it can transform your life and the lives of those around you. So go ahead wake up tomorrow, and slay ♡♡♡

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