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Multitasking workouts

Multitasking workouts

What do I mean by multitasking workouts?  Well as many of you know, I stay busy. I got plenty to do, as I am sure do most you, am I right? We multitask on many things on a day-to-day basis. I prepare lunch while helping with school work. I switch laundry loads during dinner that’s all normal stuff right. Well working out is no different to fit in everything I double up. I multitask my work out…

Multitasking workouts

Ok So I don’t mean I eat my breakfast while running but I do mean I do double duty. If all I can fit in is 3-4 workouts a week, I make those 3-4 workouts count. In my BC days (before children) I did hour-long workouts and I hit one or two body parts a day Monday: Legs/Abs, that sorta thing. Now days I ain’t got the time for that! So I double up make one thing work 2 or even 3 body parts in one exercise. For example Squat/Row I work on my legs and back in one exercise. So if I do 12 reps and 3 sets I did 36 moves and hit two body parts. Instead of needing 12 reps and 3 sets of squats and then 12 reps and 3 sets of rows totaling 72 moves. Half the time double the work! Score! I call that a win. And for anyone who dislikes working out I recommend this trick, it gets you done seriously fast.

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I don’t really write any of these fitness posts as step-by-step how-to’s. I just highlight the issue, and kinda show what I do.  With a background in fitness I  have done the step-by-step thing for years. But that’s not really the point of this blog, it’s not a completely fitness focused blog. It’s more of an all around health minded, fitness, family and homestead life-style. With that if you ever wonder exactly how to do something, just ask I’d love to answer.

Multitasking workouts

With multitasking workouts, you can’t always double up everything, but many things you can. So to let you in on my little secret (I love legs) my strongest body part and that is cause I work them the most! (I really do need to spread the love more) But they make many things so easy to double dip!

 Favorite Moves

Here are a few of the moves I double down on

  • Squat/ Bent Row
  • Plie Squat/ hammer curls
  • deadlift/ curl to press
  • deadlift to squatting concentration curl
  • Iso lunge/ single arm curl, overhead tricep extension, or shoulder press (options, oh the options)
  • Single side mountain climber to donkey kick ( I might have made this name up, In the push up position bring one knee toward you, curling abs in and then kick it back out behind you with a lift at the end working the glutes)
  • walking lunge to a back leg kick up (also one I think I made up back in health a fitness class labs, so an oldie but goodie) want more weight add ankle weights and do this up and down the driveway! (Burn baby burn)

Multitasking workouts

So there is a short list of things I double up on,  saves me time allows me to work many body parts in the same day. I try to add a few cardio moves in with my sets, burpees, jump squats, jack squats, jump lunge etc to keep my heart rate up. If done right makes for a high intensity workout, which is great when you only got 15-20 minutes.

Bam done, and just like that mama’s coming back up the stairs before the baby wakes up.

Fitness to stay healthy

I try my best to keep working out a priority, and with a history of Hypothyroidism and healing it (read about that here). Fitness helps to keep hormone levels balanced so that I can make sure that my thyroid levels stay healthy naturally, No synthetic thyroid hormone here!

If you like this post comment we would love to hear about your week in fitness, also check back in, Her week in Fitness is a series I am focusing on. Or if you want to check out His week in fitness (here) also part of the series ♡♡♡

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