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Are you homeschooling young readers? Don't miss out on this unique yet easy-to-use reading resource! My Homeschool Reading Journal is a printable reading journal that is 11 pages to help guide your young reader dive into thought provoking aspects of all the books they read. This is $12 value for only $9. 

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Don't waste your prescious homeschool time with reading resources that tell your child what to think or keep them frustrated.

My Homeschool Reading Journal is a journaling adventure into your young readers world of thought...

The Homeschool Reading Journal Approach

Young readers often read subjects that are difficult to digest or tricky to approach (slavery, the holocaust, the great depression, adversity, social issues, death etc). These times of reading along with other times give us a great opportunity to dive into the world of self-directed thought, critical thinking and personal reflection. Without the worry of coming to a pre-determined conclusion, or the "right answer"  journaling allows the young reader to journal and form their own thoughts, feelings and conclusions.

“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.”

– Edmund Burke

 My Homeschool Reading Journal Feature List! 

Downloadable PDF

With this printable reading journal you will get your journal right away and be on your way to a thought provoking reading adventure!


The pages of this journal are undated in any way so that you may keep this and reprint them and use them as often as you need.

Thought Provoking

This journal is designed to get your young reader to really dive into what they read from their own perspective.


My Homeschool Reading Journal is a journal-style approach to reading and reading comprehension. Including sections for writing, journaling, reflecting and drawing.


This journal is designed to be customizable making it custom fit to you. Your young learner doesn't need some program telling him/her what to think. Why not let their  thoughts shine? Letting their creativity, thoughts and conclusions take center stage is what this journal is all about.


  • Easy-to-use so that any independant student can pick it up and easily use it
  • Printable,  use again and again
  • A place for a young reader to do reading reflection and contemplation
  • Promotes independant thinking and self-directed thought

What My Homeschool Reading Journal is NOT...

This is not simply another "book report. This is not a place for students to write a few facts and figures about a book. This is not even a place to answer what the moral of the story the curriculum creators wants a learner to come to. This is not any place where your young reader "should" come to any predetermined outcome.

What My Homeschool Reading Journal is...

This is a place for your reader to dig into and explore all that they read. A place where they can write, journal, and create from their mind. A place where they are free to search their thoughts, feelings, and outcomes they came to from their reading. This journal is all about them discovering their OWN conclusions.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

– Margaret Mead

This exclusive Reading Journal will get you instant access to this dynamic yet simple Homeschool Reading tool

This Printable journal Includes:

  • A quick Welcome and reference page
  • Helpful tips page 
  • Are you ready for a reading journey
  • The journey starts here
  • digging deeper
  • a look from my perspective
  • a look behind the scenes
  • in addition
  • where it all led
  • note of appreciation

Get instant access to the My Homeschool Reading Journal now!

The simple, affordable, and reusable reading journal will help make homeschooling your young reader a more thought provoking and rewarding experience!

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