Natural solutions to holiday stress and anxiety

Panic and fear sets in…. Long car rides of cranky toddlers or teenagers with a destination to stressful in-laws, to spend time during the holiday season can make anyone feel less than joyful. The feelings would be accurately pure dread right? I know the feeling all to well, however lucky for us there are several amazingly helpful natural solutions to holiday stress!

Natural solutions to holiday stress

Holiday stress got you down?

Somewhere around 70% of Americans claim they suffer “holiday stress”. That name alone would seem like a fictional thing to our ancestors, it is today’s reality. Many take to drinking,  overeating or self-medicating in other ways to cope with the extra stress that is brought on by the holidays, only to feel they are even more behind on their health goals when the New Year rolls around.

Stress is absolutely real. Stress tends to get labeled like it is like it just a feeling or emotion, just something in our mind, and nothing more than that. In reality when we face stress our bodies have actual chemical or psychological responses. Meaning we produce actual hormones, and our bodies experience real physiological responses.

When I was beginning to understand how to overcome my hypothyroidism I started to understand that stress was my enemy. Years of high stress led to my body not being able to fully deal with stress. I started an anti-stress campaign, anything or anyone that was an unnecessary stressors, simply had to go. My health was on the line. Like the saying goes, We can’t pour from an empty vessel. My family and my little kids needed me to be my best that meant I must learn to take care of me.

Natural solutions to holiday stress

Stress is here, now what?

So you realize that stress is your enemy and it is blatantly knocking on your door what exactly can you do about it? There is always the bottle of anxiety medication that just about any doctor would happily prescribe, however the negative side effects will greatly outweigh any positive ones (just listen to the fast talking voice at the end of the commercial). Luckily there are several natural ways that help us to manage or lessen stress and also the effects that stress have on us.


Meditation and the known benefits are light years ahead of any anxiety medication, and millennia’s older. This time tested technique is proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, stress and anxiety while achieving a higher level of peace of mind. Many different meditation techniques can be done anywhere, at just about point in time. Middle of the high stress family filled turkey dinner and all.


Many herbs are particularly helpful with stress. Herbs can help your body in many ways to deal with the stress it is under. Adaptogenic herbs are particularly good at this. Herbs can be taken in pill forms or as a tea. I personally love using aswagandha when I feel more than usually stress levels, and I swear by it.


The fast acting thing to keep on hand for any stress filled occasion is tinctures. When you are in a pinch this is your go-to. More specifically Bach flower remedies. I can’t say I fully understand how these work but they do. Bach flower remedies are intended to remedy a particular emotional state. There are 38 different remedies, which can be combined in certain ways to make even more. However the one you do want to know is rescue remedy. This is one I used to keep in my purse for stress management on the go. They sell this one so much it comes in a dropper, mints, gums, sprays, some for kids, some for pets, that’s just to name a few.

Rescue Remedy Dropper 20ml

Natural solutions to holiday stress

Life will always throw stress our way. Yes it is best to try to limit that stress, you don’t have to take my route and take a stress hiatus, but you can. Learning a few simple stress management techniques can be extremely helpful to limit stress and the effects it can have on both our physical and emotional well-being. It doesn’t have to be a big deal it can mean focusing on your breathing, or mindfully focusing on your egg nog. Taking a few drops of a tincture or sipping herbal tea. No matter the route, stress may be a constant companion during this season, but we don’t have to let it have it’s way ♡♡♡

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