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New Life on the Homestead

New life begins

It finally happened guys! I can’t hardly believe it, we have had our first homestead birth! A baby goat, a doeling to be exact. We knew she was due soon, but this being our first time breeding goats we did not know exactly when to expect it (also we didn’t notate breeding dates, lessons learned). We thought we would see some kind of behavior differences, maybe nesting, maybe sticking close to her pen. So imagine our surprise when we come home from an afternoon away and find furry fluffy baby goat with mama, both acting like all is normal! So just like that, new life.

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Now I know many people are in the homestead world or agriculture world as a business, and rightly so. However we have come into it as a journey. A life experience. We want our kids to understand their food, and where it comes from. See the cycle of life, first hand. We want them to grow up learning, doing and getting their hands dirty. We wanted them to see and understand animals and value life, that it is a gift, and it’s amazing.

Homestead goats

So upon moving our family to the country, from our urban homestead we were finally able to get goats which was a big goal for us. Check this post out here when we brought our breeding goats home, it was such an awesome experience. Now fast forward nearly a year and we have reached a huge milestone. Our first homestead birth! And as it turns our nature just happens.

Let nature be natural

I think we always feel pressured to have all the knowledge before hand. However as I am always learning, nature happens whether I know all the ins and outs or not. Just like seeds, they are designed to grow into the plant they are intended to be. Now given that seed hasn’t been tampered with by man (GMO seed), it has the potential to grow wonderfully without any human help, yes having certain knowledge is helpful, but that seed has a plan of success without you or me. So We are learning with our animals as well, My chickens thrive, being chickens the way chickens were intended to be. Everything has its role, Roosters will command a flock of hens to navigate dangers during the day and return safely back to the roost at night. Goats, goats are amazing! Ornery but amazing. Now we know that a mother goat needs almost no help or even knowledge from us to do what she was designed to do. It’s instinct, nature, design, it’s creation at its finest. It’s a wonderful dance of life.

Goats on the homestead

Of course there will always be lessons for us to learn and skills for us to hone, but that is part of the journey. This homesteading life is an adventure, exciting, life changing adventure. We are grateful for the experiences we get and the lessons we have learned. It is so amazing as a parent watching your kids watch and learn from great experiences in life. I love to see the excitement on their little faces when we learned “surprise a new baby goat”.

So what we are learning is that desire to be part of nature and get back to a simpler kind of life. One of those things that drove us out here. That part of life, nature we all have it in us somewhere and when we don’t over think things (which can be hard for us humans). When we let nature, both plants and animals be as they should be, they thrive. I love to watch and observe and the closer I watch and don’t control, the more I can see the hidden hand of design behind all of nature.

Baby goats

So as we walk on every new step in our homesteading journey we learn. The more removed you get from the busy hustle and bustle of city life and a stressful schedule. It can be easier to see. So whether growing plants or animals I want to share how amazing it can be when we care for them, but then just step back and watch.

Joy in looking an comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift -Albert Einstein

Our journey to the homestead life, started like most striving for this. We wanted to be closer to nature, live a simpler life, and teach our kids where their food come from. It is in many ways hard work, but so worth it. We have had so many moments of joy, learning, growing and adventure we would have never had otherwise. Now we find ourselves in care of our first ‘homestead born’ doeling, it is so exciting to live this and share this with you as well. With our little growing herd we are sure to have many more homestead goat posts in the future ♡♡♡

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