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New Years resolutions for the Homesteader

If you dream of sitting on a porch with a tea in hand watching your kids play in the yard, with sounds of a rooster and maybe a few spoiled goats in the background then chances are you are a homesteader, or an aspiring one.

As many a homestead dreamer can testify to, finding or building the simple life, is not always so simple. Homesteaders today come from all walks of life. Many come from cities or towns with nothing other than a dream of the peaceful life in hand. My hope for you is that you never limit goal setting to just New Years. If you do want to set new goals on the homestead front here are a few New Years resolutions for the Homesteader.

New Years resolutions for the Homesteader

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. -Greg Reid

1. Start a garden

The garden is a very easy step to take for any new or aspiring homesteader. Heck just about everyone can take this step no matter where you live. There are solutions for everyone from the country farmhouse to the apartment dweller.

2. Get chickens, ducks or turkeys

New Years resolutions for the Homesteader

Chickens can be a great start for any urban or country homestead. There is nothing like knowing your girls (and by that I mean hens) are keeping you in a full stock of eggs. Seriously, after a while of farm-fresh eggs you start to turn your nose up at store-bought eggs.

3. Get goats

Goats I admit take a bit more time and planning (and patience), but if home dairy is somewhere in your homesteading dreams, then goats are great. Turning unwanted weeds into goats milk ice cream, do homestead dreams get any cooler than that?

4. Get a greenhouse

Go big, so small or go all DIY and build a greenhouse. The greenhouse can be a food-producing machine, and a little piece of sunny heaven in the cold wintertime!

5. Collect rainwater

Collecting rainwater in many areas can be a great way to save water and maybe even water bills. Why not water that garden with free rainwater?

6. Add some permaculture 

Permaculture is like having a tailwind in your Homestead endeavors. Whether it be aquaponics, food forests or no-till gardening, permaculture is not just the better for earth thing to do, it also makes all your homestead efforts easier.

7. Plant herbs for medicinal purposes

Salves, tinctures, lotions & potions, herbs do it all. Thyme to echinacea, garden herbs can be your doctor, and save you some serious dollars.

8. Learn companion planting

Companion planting can be the gardeners best friend. Learn how to use nature and all the benefits of different plants to your advantage to do everything from increase garden yields to reduce or eliminate pests. 

9. Make your own cure-all antibiotics 

New Years resolutions for the Homesteader

Who said that antibiotics only came with a prescription and a trip to the doctor. Home grown or home made antibiotics can kick the pants off anything your doctor can give you (not to mention save you a boatload on doctor bills too!)

10. Go green in the home

Save your wallet, health and the environment. Make or switch home cleaners to green or better yet homemade home cleaning products.

11. Start making kombucha

Kombucha popularity is on the rise, not just for the fact that it is super healthy but because it is delicious too. Yes you can buy it for $3-$5 a bottle or…. save all that money and make your own. Drink a bottle a day keeps the doctors away (wink wink, I made that up but I’m sure it’s still true).

12. Start fermenting veggies

Although it may sound complicated and scary at first (it’t not I promise). Fermented veggies are super healthy and delicious and believe it or not my kids love them.

13. Start making sourdough bread

Well and to be real honest it doesn’t have to stop at bread. Once you learn bread you can tackle pizza crusts, biscuits, cakes, cookies and so much more.

Become a sourdough ninja, it’s the next cool thing, I think…

14. Learn to can

Maybe your grandma could can, maybe she showed you or maybe she didn’t. Plant a few okra plants and trust me you will be canning pickled okra for days… If you grow it and then you can it, that food is like gold.

New Years resolutions for the Homesteader

Homestead dreams don’t always have to be way out at the end of a dirt road, maybe your dreams are of your urban homestead, or a small town lot or cabin deep in the woods. That simple life that you want is out there, out there waiting to be discovered, built, forged or crafted by you. Like the quote by Greg Reid, put the dream to paper, you have a goal, break your goal down into steps, that’s your plan, turn that plan into actions and you will find yourself in the middle of your simple life. On the porch with the tea in hand, the meaningful simple life, the destination is worth the journey my friends ♡♡♡

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