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November Round-Up | Blessings surround us

November is saying sayonara? How did that happen?  It seems almost unreal that this year is nearly-gone, and with a blink of an eye. Novemeber is leaving but not without leaving it’s mark.

Blessings that surround us

With November we often get the chance to stop and reflect and look at life with rose-tinted glasses, glasses of thankfulness. Thank goodness for that tradition too.

In life It is easy to get caught up in the details. Work, school, bills, kids, stress, life…. The list could go on and on, but with that list we often see the list but not what the list leaves in it’s silent footprints…

The fact that we have those very things to be thankful for. Even if it seems rough like work or stress, but in reality who would we be without that?

Take a health struggle, can we see that as a blessing? Yes, we can.

Maybe that struggle will take us to new heights, new awarenesses about the food we eat or the life we lead. Every great victory is born out of struggle.

It is unlikely you have ever met anyone who has done something important inspiring or life changing without struggle.

So right now where ever you sit, reflect for a moment on the struggles, the climb the fall and the getting back  up. Looking at everything and seeing the blessings, sometimes hidden but real nonetheless.

November on the Homestead

November Round-Up

November around us on the homestead has been another month of growing. We added a Nigerian dwarf buck (named Pretzel by our 5-year-old) and two new ewes (who have yet to be named). I’ll admit they all seem a tad bit on the wild side, with little interaction with people they are just enjoying their space right now. However Pretzel, having never been around other goats, is a bit excited to have girlfriends. I guess having your tribe is important for goats too!

This month we have also marched on with homeschooling, and have been navigating our way through ancient Egypt. In November the kids have continued as they do growing and living free-range sort of childhood. Though the greenhouse is fairly bare now, we are ramping up for seed starting in the next few months. Chickens have safely managed molting, and all is well.

Thanksgiving like November was full of garden grown goods, homemade pies and blessings everywhere.

Goals for next month

  • get hot beds built for seed starting in the greenhouse
  • finish 2017 homestead management binder
  • renovation done in the mud room
  • read more books with the kids
  • scrapbooking with kids
  • holiday baking with kids
  • get lots of big camera pictures

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. -William Arthur Ward

As November leaves us in the wake of Thanksgiving, with our blessings so highlighted around us, taking that gratitude to propel us through the rest of this year. Knowing that choosing to see the blessing is a choice. But oh how much sweeter life is when we choose to see all that we already have. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving ♡♡♡

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