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October Round-Up

October Round-Up

October is fading and the leaves are falling. And I got to be honest, I know many people love fall, the changing colors, the brisk air, sweater and boot weather, not me. It kinda feels like it’s the dying of the year, as fall slips to winter. I really just want to be like a bear, and hibernate. Wrap in a big huge blanket and wake up in spring. I don’t like waking up when it’s still so dark and cold. I don’t like when it starts getting dark so early. I don’t like cold feet ( I pull out these long green army style socks and wear them all winter. Not kidding knee-high, olive-green, all winter)

October round-up

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Every single year I have plans, plans to be more prepared for winter (the part of the year I secretly despise). Yet every year this time of year rolls around and I think did I grow enough stuff this year? Shouldn’t I have more preserved? Weren’t we going to add a wood burning stove this year? Why haven’t we done that? Is the greenhouse going to grow as much as I am hoping for? And my list of to-do’s seem still far off

During the month

But that is life right? Always more to do, always future goals. At least that is how I look at it, progress, right? However many goals were not met, and that is a tough fact. The greenhouse build was not completed. The back pasture still needs fenced, and time is at an all-time shortage. Not to mention the dryer broke and is out of commission for several days (4 kids no laundry= problems), the insurance decided to go back over a year and change stuff in their system and we may owe $6000, and if I stay here to awful long I will have a pity party…..

And that is never pretty. Ever.

However we have new goat pens, made from upcycled pallets. The kids are getting lots of learning in, especially on the election process (we must look for something to be positive about because the media makes that so hard). We celebrated our 6-7 years of marriage check that out here. And the baby, big man Mason, turned one. Which by the way did a whole post on that with a coupon code for super cute baby accessories, check that out here.

So October was not the most productive month, well neither was September you can read about that catastrophic month here. And recently it’s looking like we got some bad karma going on. Not sure why. I guess when it rains it pours. But using that storm analogy the storm also has to pass, right? That is what I am hoping, at least. In the mean time, onward, goals…

November Goals

  • finish U.S. Elections folders in homeschool
  • finish the greenhouse
  • start on the new aquaponic set-up
  • keep consistently working out as cold weather sets in
  • take more picture of kids with the big camera
  • start on some winter time crafting (sewing or scrapbooking)

So remember I said I really just want to hibernate about this time of year, that really is true. I spend the majority of my winter with long green sock and sweater boots and a mug of hot tea, which I do have a wonderful healthy tea, check that out here.  So with my hibernation desires in mind, a lot of goals will not be met if I am not realistic.

Autumn wins you best by its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay. -Robert Browning

Something to take away

Even though fall is not my favorite (and maybe you are like me, and it’s not your favorite either) however it is necessary.  It’s rest, rest for the ground, for the animals and for us. Rest is key to life and energy, we have to have both ends of the spectrum. That my friends is the real beauty of the seasons. Without the cold days a summer day wouldn’t be so great, and without the scorching sun of July building a snowman in January wouldn’t be so much fun. ♡♡♡

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