My Homeschool Year Memory Book




Do you ever think “I don’t want all these homeschool memories to fly by”!  Feel like you are to busy to make scrapbooks and do school work at the same time. The simple answer is the homeschool year memory book.

Homeschool keepsake. This easy, fun PDF memory book helps your child to remember the year from their perspective. How they they were, thought, drew all in one fun keepsake book. #homeschool #memorybook #ideas #keepsake #activities #homeschoolendofyear

Have your kids preserve the year and their memories from their perspective!

What did they love or hate, those answers are memories! How did they like to draw this year? Was it unicorns or sharks? Those memories and skills change year by year.

Now you can easily keep those memories in this easy to use PDF downloadable homeschool year memory book


  • a place for a current picture
  • a place for a handprint
  • child “about me” (age, grade, likes etc)
  • a place for journaling favorite part of the year
  • best memory
  • record their favorite way to draw at the time
  • notate favorite and least favorite subjects
  • what they are excited about next year

My Homeschool Year Memory Book is a PDF download to add to your end of the year homeschool traditions. Don’t let all those memories slip by, make a wonderful keepsake year after year.