3 years ago

seems like forever!

So as I sit down to write this I feel like it has been about a bazillion years since our last post. We have had so much going on so let me catch you up! We are need deep into a new house out in the country. We are a few items away from being The Upcycled Family homestead and not the “urban” homestead. So that is very exciting news, We are trying to not get our hopes up to much in case somethings falls through or does not work out. If it does work out I will be making posts on the new place and our plans to set up the place. Everything from greenhouses, chickens, and the new homeschool room (yes a whole home school room! so exciting). I cant wait to share that with all of you!

Then secondly we have a new family member to announce! And my apologies the last weeks of a pregnancy I have intentions to do more. I had posts on DIY herbals, salves and many more. However that got over shadowed with anticipation and or pregnant misery. This pregnancy/ baby was on the heels of many DIY health issues. So right along with that the postpartum has been as well. I will have natural post baby healing post to make as well. So check us out in the new few weeks to see all the exciting news to announce!

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