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September Round-Up | seasons and a time for rest

Officially fall has arrived. Two lemon trees and a pomegranate tree , that are not so fond of the cold Kansas weather, have migrated inside. The warm season has officially left us, here on the homestead. The days are getting shorter, the nights colder. September marks the changing of the season. While that doesn’t exactly make me want to jump for joy, the seasonal shift does allow us to recharge. Rest and rejuvenate.


September was full. We canned a some delicious rhubarb-peach jam, which doubtfully will even make it to the new year. There was tons of garden clean up. Greenhouse clean up that discovered a snake, who is insistent on calling it home, (the kids named sneaker, because he is good at sneaking in and scaring the pants off me). Fence work, goat pen making, chicken coop cleaning. Last but not least a little boy who turned 5 (holy moly)!

As September closes down and the cool air sets in, I have learned the seasons offer us change. The cycle of life that is important. There is a time for work, and a time for play. Times when we start again, and times when we lay things down to rest. Just as the world around us needs rest, so do we. That’s what this season offers us, rest.

Goals for October

  • go to bed earlier
  • more lunch time picnics
  • more library time
  • make more crafts with the kids
  • family pictures
  • more outside family time

As a huge fan of warm weather seasons, I hate to see summer go. Green trees and flowers blooming make my heart sing, snow, ice and freezing temperatures, not so much. The gift, if we can call it that, is the shortening days. These times are when Mother Nature offers us the time to spend more time resting. Cycles and seasons are important, both for our world but our bodies as well. As all the glorious warm days fade off this shows us the perfect time to push reset. Reset on our bodies and our internal clocks. Just as all of nature and wildlife needs rest, so do we. Rest for our bodies, mind, spirit and soul ♡♡♡

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