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September Round-Up

September Round-Up

I sit here alone in the quiet of the night, the dishwasher is going in the background. I can hear a clock quietly ticking, and reminding me that time is always moving, much like September, but I watched as this month just ticked by. You see I like to think I am always moving forward. This is where I update everyone on our monthly progress, so September Round-Up  should be full of tasks accomplished. However,  it was much more about catastrophes survived.


We started this month with the loss of another dog on September 1st, and the very next day the loss of employment (our main source of income). If that were not enough stress for one month we also survived a ‘could have been fatal’ carbon monoxide event. That luckily, ended with nothing more than a whole bunch of sheriffs and fire department types airing out the house and testing every nook in the house for any remaining traces of harmful gas. The very next thing was to replace a gas water heater with an electric one and new electrical ran to that. Money not in the already strained budget. ( I know cry me a river right) but seriously people that whole “when it rains it pours” thing, it’s real, and it’s horrible.  Then everything after that has been to put our feet back on solid ground.


So I have decided instead of talking about what we accomplished around here, (which was not much). I wanted to talk about how sometimes we need a break, a breather. A moment to stop and count our blessings. Be grateful for the little things like for the carbon monoxide alarms that go off at bedtime, that might just have saved our lives. Excitement for the kid who is getting 100% on their spelling tests. The blessing that sleep is, the kind of sleep you get when the baby has taken to a new mattress so well, he now sleeps in his own bed regularly. Or how amazing it feels to go pull free food out of your garden, and eat like a king, regardless of the lack of funds sitting in the bank account. Heck anytime you have a kid who is having a fourth birthday that is a great thing too, always a blessing.

And Birthdays

4th Birthday

Fourth birthday

So maybe I am writing this for me more than anyone else. Just maybe, someone else out there is having a really horrible, no good, very bad day, or week or month even. However if we stop, take a few deep breaths and look around we can see the blessings. Those little hidden gems. The dreams that take flight while we are climbing our way back out of the valley. That thought you get that tells you that working a bottom paying job for a corrupt boss wasn’t how your life was meant to be lived (more on that check where we are aiming to take this homestead here). Those moments where you have to stop, and listen. Then in those moments you can hear that still small voice, and you know everything will be fine, and this too shall pass♡♡♡

From our family to yours, thanks for stopping by


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