Sewing your own diapers??

Many handy mamma’s out there already use cloth diapers. Some new moms or moms to be want to use cloth, but they get expensive. Whats a mom to do. Disposables can be hard on the environment, baby’s skin and not to mention  you can not re-use. Have we ever 2015-02-16 15.37.16considered sewing a diaper? I had not, but hey a few years back I would not have considered cloth diapers either. Sewing your own can be great! You can use what ever materials you like/ want. There are plenty of patterns out there. Here is a lady who has a blog where she has full diaper tutorials that are absolutely amazing!  She has tons of patterns and ideas for free, check it out. Here is one diaper I worked on while I thought I was expecting a new little one. I miscarried,  so I stopped on baby preparation.


I am a huge fan of all-in-ones. Simple all together, cute patterns whats not to love.


However, I have a 2-year-old still in diapers, so I thought he needed hand-made ones as well. Using pretty much the same type of pattern I made my 2-year-old son a great all-in-one as well. I probably wont make to many 2015-02-18 10.19.17more for my 2-year-old he is so close to potty training I am more into making cloth training pants for him. And we have a pretty good stock of diapers for his size anyway.

How many other mamma’s have attempted to make cloth diapers! Its fun! Please share!


*I have also made some easy cloth training pants for potty trainers, check back soon I plan to post that shortly!

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