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Sourdough pizza crust

Around here we have an almost constant theme, Ninja Turtles. For several years now our middle guy is like a Ninja Turtle super fan. You know the kind of kid every time they go to sit on the couch it’s a side flying “ninja kick”. Running  through the house he has to point his arms out behind him backwards like they are rocket arms (sigh- it’s a cartoon ninja turtle thing). That brings the undeniable fact of having a hardcore turtle’s fan in the house is that you must also love pizza. So began the search for the perfect sourdough pizza crust recipe

Over the last few years I have tested and tweeked many sourdough pizza crust recipes. This is my take and it was adapted from a cultures from health recipe.

Let’s make pizza dough

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

As with any sourdough recipes make sure you have a good healthy starter.

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

The ingredients

2 C. Sourdough starter

4 Tbsp. Oil (olive oil, coconut oil or grass-fed butter all work great)

2 tsp. Salt

2 1/2 flour ( I use bread flour but anything works, just keep it healthy and organic)

2 tsp. Italian seasoning * optional *

4 Tbsp. Water

Combine the flour, Italian seasoning and salt. Mix those together well. Then add the wet ingredients. Now it’s best to just get dirty and dig in, mix thoroughly. Divide the dough into to pieces and place in a covered bowl to rest for 45 minutes to an hour (for a quick crust). Alternatively you can also leave them for 3-6 hours to rise and to let the our dough to process more.

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

Then roll the dough into two separate pizza pans. Brush it with oil (or grass-fed butter for extra deliciousness)

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

Add your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese.

Sourdough pizza crust recipe

Bake at 450°F until crust is golden brown and cheeses have melted.


No matter whether you have a Ninja Turtle fan in your home, and hear the word booyakasha often, or you don’t, you still love pizza. Finding healthier pizza can be difficult. With a sourdough pizza crust, you can leave the worries behind. Healthy, tasty and kid approved. Try this sourdough recipe out and let me know what you think♡♡♡

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