4 years ago

Spring= Money Saving Time

Spring has arrived and none to soon for us. We love spring. When the heater goes off, the windows open, and springsave-money1 begins to permeate our lives. I love spring for many reasons. There are tons of ways to save money, and to make extra money. Here are a few money saving opportunities that come with spring.

  1. use lights less- Since its spring open those blinds and turn off the lights
  2. use clothes dryer less- This is a big money saver use a clothes line and pay a fraction of the cost of doing loads and loads and loads of laundry! Or save even more with home-made laundry detergent! (if you can’t guess we do tons of laundry here)
  3. grow food- This one is a big money saver especially if you can really get good at gardening and water conservation techniques. Skip all the huge prices of fresh organic produce all growing season long
  4. sell food or homestead products- Or better yet what is better than saving money on what you produce? Selling whats left and making money of course!
  5. more solar panel produced energy- we are not here yet but we will be very soon! Solar panels can only capture energy when the sun shines of course, but longer days means more energy is captured.
  6. Cha-ching $$ lower electricity bills!
  7. cook outside save cooling and electricity costs- we have 100+ year old house this is huge for us. When we don’t spend extra to cooking food inside, we don’t have to spend more to cool it back off. Bonus-less dirty dishes too.

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grill Line-drying-laundry



What’s not to love about spring? The fresh air, cool days, money savings galore! What are some ways you like to save or make money during these seasons? Comment or leave your great money-saving tips below! We would love to hear!








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