a couple of years ago

Summer To-Do list

Winter is cold, cold keeps me inside in snugly clothes with a hot tea at hand. However warm sunny days bring me outside, and turns up the motivation. So I got plans to get stuff done! Often my plans are actually more than I can realistically do, (please tell me I’m not the only one who over plans the to-do list!) but go big or go home right! So here is what I plan the summer to look like

  • Paint & decorate homeschool room (big reveal to follow)
  • Remodel the laundry/ mud room
  • Finish turning the grainery into a country-cute organized chicken coop (right now it’s a bird mess, roosting in the rafters and whatnot) 
  • Get the back pasture fully fenced for goats and hopefully calves soon! ( a beautiful jersey with long eyelashes if I have my way!)
  • Get next years school plans/ curriculum organized for next school year

So that is all the big stuff, of course gardening, kids, and summer fun to fit in. However as far as project list, that’s it for this summer!

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