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Teaching goal setting in your Homeschool

It’s a new year, and everyone is all a buzz about goals. What about your kids? Do they set goals? What kind of goals would they set for themselves? How teaching goal setting in your homeschool is the easy way to encourage a lifetime of good habits (plus a free goal setting worksheet for kids;)

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When a new years rolls around, words like goals and resolutions are practically buzzwords.

But what really do our kids catch and see and understand about goals, goal setting or how to achieve those goals?

Reaching new levels is one way we, as humans, build our confidence.

Do you remember being a kid and learning to ride a bike, bake a cake, or drive for the first time? Yeah, of course, those were big moments! Reaching those big moments built confidence for the next big moment.

Teaching goal setting in your homeschool may not seem like much. However, when we teach our kids to set goals and how to achieve them, we are giving them one skill that they get to take with them to any and every aspect of life.

Learning goal setting:

  • is a skill that can be learned
  • can go with you to any career, job or area of life
  • is good for as long as you are alive
  • builds confidence that crosses to all areas of life
  • encourages independence and self-reliance

teaching goal setting in your homeschool

How to teach goal setting

One of my favorite tools in our homeschool is our Big Life Journal. It encourages a growth mindset and has so many fun and learning activities we do as a family, that encourage personal growth. Teaching our kids that goal setting should be fun and stretch us, but also exciting, and life-giving. Setting goals regularly is one great approach to instilling a life-long love of personal growth.

The New Year or a new school year is a great time to sit down and have a fun goal-setting session. One great and highly encouraged way to set goals is the S.M.A.R.T goal setting method.

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Achievable or attainable

R- Realistic or Reasonable

T- Trackable

Kids who learn that goal setting is both fun and exciting are more likely to keep at them.

Tips for goal setting with kids

  1. Keeping ages in mind encourage them to set S.M.A.R.T goals
  2. Include steps that keep them engaged and excited along the way
  3. Using short-term goals for younger children ensures more success
  4. Show them you set goals too (remember more is caught than is taught!)
  5. Talk about missing a goal is not a failure, and how many successful people have missed goals that they later achieved!

Fun activities to teach goal setting

Goals and goal setting should be a fun, exciting thing that kids love to do and look forward to. Encouraging goal setting in a family-friendly fun environment will turn kids into life-long goal setters!

  • Have weekly, monthly or quarterly goal setting sessions
  • Throw an end-of-week/month/quarter goal achievement party
  • Encourage friendly goal competitions
  • Make a family or homeschool vision board full of those exciting goals
  • Build up and talk about how fun/exciting/ fulfilling it will feel once goals are reached


With a new year we all have new goals and resolutions on our minds. Why not teach good goal setting strategies your homeschool. Fun ways to teach and encourage goal setting. Establish a life-long love of personal growth for young learners! Free goal setting worksheet for kids included.to the next generation. Teaching kids that goals are a great and fun way to grow and achieve new things along the way, encourages both growth now and a wonderful life-long habit they can take with them EVERYWHERE!

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