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The HOME school-room set up

The HOME School room remodel and set up


Ever since starting homeschooling, I wanted a dedicated school room. For years up until this recent move we did not have that. We had a dining room, a table and a bookshelf.  I have wanted to be able to put up tools and charts or maps on the walls, however I also did not want my dining room to look like a kindergarten class! I wanted regular rooms and a school room, it’s like you just can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well when we found this house it had that perfect setup. The new school room was a 1970’s addition to our 100+ year old house. This room has an entrance door (really it would be like a side door) the door opens out to a wrap around porch that also reaches the front door. The addition still had a very 70’s feel. We moved mid- school year, no remodel could be done then, so we crammed our unorganized school mess into an outdated farmhouse “school-room”. However a school room remodel was very much so in order.

The Before


The before picture isn’t great (sorry for that), it was taken in the move-in process last November.  And it doesn’t show all angles of the room. But you can kinda see what we are working with

The After

We put a light grey paint on the wall and a bright white trim,the room already has great light with many southern facing windows but a little paint still helps it feel brighter and bigger. With that done I was able to start putting the room together the way we were always hoping to, and have a real school room!



The cabinets in the kitchen run into this addition that we made the school room. I plan to one day paint the kitchen cabinet lighter however that will have to go with a Farm house kitchen remodel (which I see in my future). However until then this tall wall cabinet unit will remain unpainted, but this end cabinet it is a perfect school cabinet. Has high places my little kids can’t reach! Has plenty of storage to grow into as the kids get older and the book storage need gets larger.

School room Wall space for maps, school rules and shabby burlap DIY cork board upgrade!


School room

Plenty of space for my morning board, we used to have to put this away every day, now it has a home! More bookshelf space and room for a big ol’ chalkboard (that was a cheap DIY read about that here) Storage space and places to put everything in an organized manor.


School room
Teachers desk-A place for mom to work on scrapbooking, sewing or grading papers in the same room!

My School-room must haves

These are things I always wanted to be able to do. And I spent many a day searching Pinterest looking for school room ideas. These are the things that were must haves. Having a desk area to work at, a big bookself, a big chalkboard and a “teachers desk” were all things I really wanted to incorporate into a Home school-room. We were able to blend it perfectly.

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